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Hello Folks, Christmas is just around the corner. When I asked Edward what design should I put in his gift tags, he said Cars 2. So, I tried to layout some gift tags for him. (Disclaimer: I’m sorry I wouldn’t be able to give proper credit to the clipart I’ve used. I used Google and lost track of the ones I used… I’m sorry… but I’m really thankful for the clips)

Sharing my final layout…



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I’ve joined the band wagon, I wanted to try it to understand what the rave  is about. And after two months, I’ve finished the first page… cover page to be precise. Haha. Of course, I’m only coloring when I feel like it.  

Husband bought me the book and the color pencils. Thank you… and because of that, I feel obliged to finish the whole book. I feel so accomplished finishing 1 page. Not sure when I would pick up the pen again to color the next page.

I’m using Faber Castell, 24 colors, (around 250 Php in National Bookstore) I honestly think it’s not enough. In the middle of coloring, I feel bored with the colors. I’ll have to rethink if I want to invest more. I like the smoothness of the pens. It makes the coloring even…

The page has a bit of doodles, Edward once in a while wants to help me out. Husband too helped. So, this first page is a family effort, that deserves to be framed. Haha.

The book is from 999 Mall, we bought for 200 Php. After a while, prices started dropping, you can get a book for 150 Php.

Now, some of the pictures I took while coloring.








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Because school is just around the corner, I’ve decided to make labels just in time for it. My boss said before that all things must be labeled otherwise it might get mixed up with other kids things. Including crayons. So, I’ve spent my afternoon layouting the whole thing using Excel. Not even sure if that’s the best platform. But sure works for me.

I’ve decided to use Cars and Trucks as the template. Edward liked the result. Even if I used Best Quality result for printing, the result is not as good as the screen version. But no extra hassle needed, since Edward liked it. I even let him choose the first one that I would use for his lesson plan.



Edward School Labels

Probably would need to invest in a better printer for my printable projects.

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Hello! We’re about to leave for Hong Kong. So, I’ve decided to make it a little bit more interesting for Edward to know what we would do there. I build my own set of Flashcards.

Of course, I’m not that good in designing or drawing, hence I’ve used tons of Google Images on these. I hope Edward would enjoy this…

Now is probably the best time as he’s addicted to Flashcards. 

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Hi Folks! Since Edward is a big fan of Disney Cars, I’ve layout a memory game for him. Instead of buying a set for 199 in Toy Kingdom, I chose his favorite characters and printed out our own set. We’ve pasted on a cereal box and we are ready to go!

Cars1 Cars2

You can customize your own by using the file below. I got the pictures from Takara Tomy

Cars Memory Game

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Coloring Pages

Since Edward is still practicing to color, I’m hesitating to let him use the coloring books for now. I’ve devised a way to make him practice. This is via printing coloring pages from the net. And because it’s practice, I print the picture smaller and 2 pictures at one page. Giving him more chance to practice.

Print Settings

I’ve compiled the neat pages for one year old boy. Have fun folks!

rainbow-star-coloring-pages coloring-pages-trucks coloring_page_Truck_Coloring_Page_20 easy-drawings coloring-pages-print-out-really-big-caterpillar-131865 Race-car-coloring-pages-5 Mickey-Mouse-Coloring-Page Turtle-Coloring-Pages-For-Kids

Finally here’s a glimpse of my finish product


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I’ve decided to try making a paper toy for Edward after I discovered his fascination for trucks. So, first, look for a template, I’ve downloaded the Goopymart Taco Truck because it looks easy and cute. The direction is Print, Cut, Fold and Stick. Sounds easy…


The first three steps are easy, no brainer. But the sticking is a bit of a challenge for me. I think the area is small, and my glue stick is a bit big. Not to say, not too sticky. The final product looks messy as there’s a lot of fingerprints. I tried washing my hands several times before sticking the rest of the parts but it didn’t work. I need to devise a better plan next time.

My first paper toy was a Failure. I entered the room to show Edward the toy but he was more interested in the Ipad I was holding in my other hand. But after a while, he seemed to like it. It was wrecked. And I had to stick it again. At least I know my son liked it. I even showed him the online photo and he looked for the paper truck. I guess, not bad then for a first timer. Will try to be less messy next time.









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