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If you plan to replace Lego with Cogo… I will tell you now… DON’T DO IT. Price wise, yes it’s definitely cheaper! But the frustration in playing it… ARGH! This sums my overall feeling towards the toy.


Kalvin got this for Edward, his second Cogo toy… But on both occasions… There were defective parts. I rarely follow instructions/rules but whenever I am following one… I follow it by the book. That’s why it’s really frustrating to be not able to complete the procedure and moving on to the next step.

To add on… The parts doesn’t fit perfectly. You fit two parts together and while doing the next step it all crumbles… How frustrating is that? And… And… While adding the finishing touch, it all crumbles again… Grrr… Have to redo everything. So… ARGH!!! I hate you Cogo!!! Never again!!!

Does this toy even have Quality Control? Save yourself the frustration and listen to me… Ignore Cogo!


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Edward got this toy for Christmas and he loved it. He likes to watch a video in YouTube from Surprise Eggs Unboxing Toys that upon unwrapping the present, he wants to play with it already.

The first thing he did was to re-do the Popsicle in the video. Normally I don’t allow him to mix dough colors. But he was so eager to follow the video, I just let him. I was so proud of him to do the Popsicle one at a time.



Next day, I was showing him to make the Popsicle in one color… But the dough was not enough for one. After putting the dough in the mold,when I closed it, I had to manually stick the two parts. I wish Play-Doh gave a bigger can of dough. Seems that the free dough are not enough. So… I think one way or another you have to mix colors. Yikes!




I tried reading about separating the dough after colors are mixed but it seems hard. Majority of the parents just buy new sets of dough. They said Play-Dohs are cheap. It’s not the same in the Philippines… Oh well, I guess children do mix dough as they play. Just have to think of an alternative.

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Fruit Salad ala Mama

Hi Folks… Advance Merry Christmas! For this day, we’ve decided a culminating activity… Inspired by Cambridge when they did a fruit salad. I’ve decided to share our family recipe for fruit salad.

It’s super simple… Anyone can do it.

Ingredients :
Fruit Cocktail
All Purposed Cream
Condensed Milk (Half Can)


As you can see in the picture… different brands, you can use whatever brand you like.

1. Drain the fruit cocktail


2. Mix the cream, all purpose cream and condensed milk.


3. Stir until the texture is smooth. Oops sorry. Forgot to picture.

4. Pour the fruit cocktail in a container and coat it with the cream mixture.


There you have it. A simple recipe for you to enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Bidding!!! Auction!!!

Just this month, I engaged myself in 2 auctions, 1 for a collectible item from Mc Donald’s and the other one is Edward’s painting in school. His first painting in canvas with his classmates.

For some reason, I was pretty lucky as I won both auctions. Is it a complete waste of money? For some… maybe. But for me. No! The money I’ve spent would buy my peace of mind and contentment. Especially on the painting.

I must say… it was pretty intense for both auctions, there were times where I questioned myself if I should raise my bid just to ensure winning. I’ve set a budget but I got way over it. But I’m still happy. Because deep inside I feel that it’s kinda redemption for the things I wasn’t able to keep as a memento.

I guess my weakness is there are some things that I really want to buy and must buy! So I guess my new year’s resolution for next year is fitting. For 2015, I promise not to hoard anymore. I’ll just buy the essentials, no panic buying of things. I’ll be a responsible parent.

Sounds like I’m convincing myself to be happy with the auction? Probably. I feel happy and guilty at the same time. But I guess, several years down the line when I see the painting… I know it is worth every peso. 🙂

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Finally!!! I was able to visit it and haul! Overall, I’m happy with the haul. Although, it’s more expensive than the initial sale from 10 Php to 20 Php. But for the convenience of going there and the aircon… I’ll glad pay the difference.

The haul is a mixture of books for Edward and me. It was hard digging through all the shelves but it’s a must in order to find good bargain like Dr Seuss books or Eric Carle.








This probably is my last haul for the year…

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I was browsing in SNR one day and was surprised to see Monster Jam trucks in Manila. Too bad, the bigger die cast is Zombie, if it was different, I might have bought it.

After telling husband about it, he wants to collect it all. Haha. We’re hoarders…




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