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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] The wedding went smoothly. I’m glad! I thought I was prepared to be Mrs. Sy but it turns out that it’s a totally new adjustment. I like my role even if it’s a bit tiring. I like preparing breakfast every morning. Waking up earlier than Kalvin to prepare the morning meal.

Married life is just like what Gracie has said before, it’s like an extended date, but with more things to think about. And because of that, my internet time is cut down to more than half. Not to mention that we didn’t have internet connection when we moved in. So far, we don’t have cable and phone lines. Glad that we were finally able to get internet from Wi-tribe and the TV is already setup in our bedroom. We’re relying on cinema tube for entertainment. We are waiting for the Sun landline so that I can call my home. Right now, I talk to them everyday, visiting them as often as I can or calling just to let them know how I’m doing. I guess, it’s one thing I appreciate in Yap’s family. We try to keep in touch no matter what.

Being prepared in married life takes more than wedding preparations. Our wedding preparation took more than a year to have everything flow smoothly. And when the day ended, it’s the start of the new life. I think we lacked preparation in the second phase as we focused more on the wedding. Given that our families are near, knowing that we can turn to them easily, we took a lot of things for granted. I think that’s the main reason why our house lacks a lot of stuff.

Here are the things that I’ve learned in my first week,

  • Having a house is not enough, it’s a good thing that mama sent over a lot of stuffs before the wedding. A lot of stuffs became crucial in the first few days. As much as possible, try to set up the place as early as possible, like applying for phone lines, cable, internet, or cleaning the plates, bowls, utensils, tupperwares, so that they can easily be used. The means of cooking is also crucial, for starters, ensure you have a gas stove/induction plate, oven and microwave, airpot. Food and water kept me most worried, most of the time, I’m thinking ahead on what to prepare. I’m super thankful with Century, the leftovers in the reception kept us for the whole week.
  • Survival skills is a must especially if you won’t avail of maid services. Even if I’m not used to doing chores, I’m glad that I know how to do the basic stuffs like cooking, dish-washing, sweeping, cleaning, hand-washing, mopping. These skills are necessary to both parties, otherwise, it would really be tiring.
  • Knowing your spouse for x number of years is not an assurance that there won’t be any adjustments. Kalvin and I are together for more than 10 years but there are still adjustments along the way. Living with the person is not the same as seeing them everyday. I’m glad that we only had minor adjustments related to this.
  • Time table is super important, I keep in mind what I have to do in the day so that I’m not distracted, if there are stuffs needed to be done within the day, I adjust my schedule accordingly. Of course, I also have to consider my husband’s schedule. The time table should include chores otherwise, you’ll keep on doing the chores over and over again like sweeping the floors.
  • We waited for the wedding gifts before actually purchasing our appliances to ensure that there’s no repetition of things. Even if we did that, we have the survival appliance on hand (oven, airpot, stove and pots)
  • Money matters are to be discussed seriously. It would vary from couple to couple. Since there are lots of expected expenses while living together, it’s easier if you can set the grounds on how to handle financial stuffs.
  • Expenses are expected to pile up especially when you are expecting a lot of things to start up your new life. Keep a list of things to buy so that you don’t purchase unnecessary things.
  • Personal space is still important, being married doesn’t mean that each party have to give up their own self. Ensure that you give your partner enough space so that they can do the things they want to do or need to do.
  • Condo living is a bit hard for an anti-social like me. Especially since majority of the residents are Kalvin’s relative. You have to look your best at all times and always expect the unexpected.
I’ve appreciated my family more after my first week, especially my mama who does majority of the chores by herself. I’m trying to be like her in our house. I like preparing things and doing things on my own at my own pace. I super thankful for the support of my family. Whenever I visit our home, I take away a lot of stuffs. I’m  sorry but I’m super thankful. Without them, it would be harder to go on.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] This is getting harder and harder by the minute. I knew it was coming, for my emotions to go into turmoil as soon as I would step out of our house. It’s really hard. Last night, I started taking pictures of our house, of how it looked like on my last night sleeping as Elizabeth Yap. I’ll sleep in the hotel tonight and after that, I’ll be married.

Another adjustment is expected to happen. I’m not sure what to do or feel.

Oops… this post might be a bit too late. Wasn’t able to publish it before.

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I’m so glad that I went with my instincts and booked Ariel Javelosa as my official photographer and videographer. I haven’t seen the actual photos yet, but I’m impressed with the AVP, on site photos and on site video.

For our on site video, we choose Melee – Built to Last because we want an upbeat song for this video. The meaning of the song seems to be appropriate also. Especially since we’ve been together for 10 years now.

Hope you enjoy our On Site Video prepared by Ariel Javelosa

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My Wedding Speech

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Words can’t express the things I want to say to the people important to me. I was up the whole night polishing my speech. Hope I was able to send across my love to them.

“I would like to specially thank everyone who made our wedding special. From all of our suppliers to our families and friends, thank you. We won’t be able to get through everything without your support. We’ve learned a lot along the way, not only during the wedding preparation but also on what to expect when you are married. Thank you for everything.  I personally believe that wedding is the start of a new life. But it doesn’t mean it would end a lot of things such as friendship or individuality. I’m looking forward in this life changing event. And we’ll see what I’m made of.

To Papa 和 Mama, 謝謝您從小到大給我的鼓勵和照顧。 你們所教的我會永遠記得。如果沒有你們, 就沒有我現在的地步。我會照顧好我自己免得你們擔心。我會像媽媽一樣做一個好妻子和媽媽。 千言萬語無法表達我所有的心意。 希望一句簡單的 "我愛你"能夠讓你們知道我有多麼的尊敬和孝順你們。 Papa, Mama, 我非常愛你們。

Neechan, thanks for everything, for coming back and for always listening to whatever I have to say. May it be ranting or just anything under the sun. Thanks for being patient and for trying to make everything okay always. Let’s keep in touch even if you are back in Canada. Love yah.

To Shobby, no matter what happens, you’ll always be my little sister, whom I want to protect. Thanks for helping me in a lot of stuffs, I’ll miss having you as my roommate, the endless chats we have and the food trips. I love you.

我的親人,謝謝您特別來菲律賓為了要參加我們的婚禮。 謝謝!謝謝!

To my oldest friends, Gracie, Hazel and Lia. Thanks for everything. Despite the years that passed, I’m glad we remained as close friends. I’ll always cherish our memories.

To Tuddies, for all the good and bad times, I’m glad to meet you all. You always got my back. It’s always nice to know that someone will be there for you always. Thank you for everything.

To Marychan, finally! I’m married, thank you for everything. You were there from the start, conceptualizing the gown to the last detail. I’m glad that Arashi brought us together. I’m sure that we’ll remain as friends forever.

To my NEA GLfamily, I’ve always said that it’s a wonder how people of different personalities are able to mesh and blend well. I made the right choice of coming into GL before. I gained a lot of friends who helped me thru it all. Thank you for everything, special thanks to Fujita-san and Jamie for coming over. I miss you!

To my new family, the Sy family. Thanks for making me feel welcome. I’ll do my best to make Kalvin happy.

To everyone else, thanks for attended our wedding. We hope that you enjoyed our wedding as much as we have enjoyed it. Thank you Max and Eugene for everything.”

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Wedding Blogs

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I recall that concerts normally have fan accounts on the actual events. So far, some of my friends included me in their blogs, I would like to link their page as a memory of our wedding 🙂

Mary-chan’s Facebook

I was taken by surprise when I was chosen for an ambush interview during the wedding reception. In the flurry of events, all I managed to share were my quirky meeting / be-friending the bride and a glimpse of the small, pointless things we talk about when we text or chat. And when asked for a short message, all the wonderful things that she is I summarized by saying, Ibeth is the best.

But what I really should’ve said was that Kal is a lucky man because he married someone so very simply pure hearted – no doubt about it! I’ve only met two people who emanated this kind of kindness. Ibeth is like a ray of sunshine; and she is so generous in her acceptance of me as her friend (and doesn’t think badly when I’m DoS haha). And if that’s the kind of friend she is, then I have absolutely no doubt she’ll make a wonderful mom. See, I told you she’s the best!

Love you, Ibeth-chan! 🙂

p.s. Pitet, wag kang magselos. Love din kita (kahit marami kang weirdo moments caught in pics) 😛

Jen’s Blog

Last night, I attended my friend Ibeth’s wedding with her long-time boyfriend Kalvin. Woot! Woot! That girl is so totally, positively, undeniably in love! It was also a very mini-reunion for Block 14ers who attended the reception.

Aww, i miss college!

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Wedding Vow

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I recall reading about writing your wedding vow when you are in a good mood. So that the words will flow smoothly and will be filled with love.

I have attempted to write my wedding vow many times before, but I can’t complete it in one sitting. Somehow, when I think about it, seems that I have more to say, more to express. I don’t want to sound cheesy at all but I want a vow that would be felt sincerely.

Here goes my wedding vow:

Kalvin, to the man who found me when I turned myself invisible. I would forever be thankful for finding someone like you. Someone, to whom I can share my life with and someone who makes me happy.

Through the ups and downs of our relationship, you never lose hope.

I promise that I will be honest, faithful and loyal to you. Supporting you in all of your endeavours. I promise to stand by your side through thick or thin. Laugh with you in good times, stay with you in bad times.  I’ll trust and respect you, listen to you, understand you more and make our partnership work. From now on, we’ll be together in facing the challenges that would come our way, we’ll be partners in everything. I’ll bring out the best in you, take care of you and I will make you happy. I love you and I always will.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Today marks the last day that Kalvin would drive me home as we won’t be seeing each other for the next two days. Finally, the wedding is sinking in. I’m really having mix emotions about it. Of course, I’m been waiting for it for a long time. After all, we’ve been together for almost 11 years. Yet, the thought of leaving my family, our home is a bit hard to digest. It’s really part of growing up, it’s just that I can’t let go. Maybe I don’t have to. After all, we will still be family, we’ll just have an additional member.

Now, 2 days of not seeing Kalvin. It’s a bit hard also. I’m used to seeing him almost everyday now. 2 days apart… I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. Two days of not seeing would result to seeing him everyday for the rest of my life. That’s something to look forward to. Oh my! I’m smitten-ed.

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