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It’s the first time that I’ve used a Fully Booked ticket as my entrance ticket. I was there from the opening till almost closing and I’m quite happy with my haul.


Having 2 floors for the book fair was exhausting but fun. You need to strategically plan the booths you want to visit. As it seems impossible to go through every booth in one day.


I didn’t see any Chinese book this year, I was looking forward to find some Chinese workbook for Edward. Ground floor has tons of school books and religious books. I’ve skipped a lot of the booths.

As soon as I’ve entered the event, Abiva was there, I was able to haul 9 workbooks for Edward. Php 30 for each of the books. DSC09804

Afterwhich I went to Learning is Fun, crowd was starting to pile up when I got there. I managed to get some workbooks for Php 25. I’m quite happy with the 365 Stories book (Php 275) and the Cars 3 book (Php 250).  The mini coloring book is Php 50.DSC09797

I then went to the second floor to check out the Children’s book. My first stop of course is Adarna. I’ve looked through their Bargain pile and got some books to add to my collection at Php 35. Regional Profiles is at Php 250. Filipino Food and Guardians of Traditions Php 50 each. And a set of book and worksheet for Php 99. Initially, I only got a few story book but before we left second floor. I browsed through the Bargain pile and saw new books.DSC09801

The Learning is Fun booth at the Second floor has limited selection but I was able to get 2 books at Php 100 each. DSC09802

I got a board game, Quartex (Php 720) from Mindwerks. The owner and I played a demo game. It was fun. I think Edward would like it. She also offered Ravensburg Puzzle. I got the Cars one for Php 350. It’s a good bargain as I normally buy Ravensburg Puzzle for Usd 10. DSC09795

I got a Chikiting books for Php 60. The story seems interesting.DSC09809

Lampara was having a book signing session so we have decided to get the books. We asked the sales person if they have a discount, they said “no, everything is regular price” After we paid, we saw an ad saying if you have an app, and show it to the cashier, you will get 20% off. I was annoyed with the sales person. We paid Php 84.75 for each of the book when we could have save Php 16.95 each. Argh! DSC09868

I got myself a pig pen (Php 40) and 2 mechanical pencils (Php 25 each) at New Manila Stationery. One 0.5MM and one 0.7MM.DSC09814

Next we dropped by Pilot and I bought pastel markers for Php 36.25 each, until now, I don’t know why I bought them. They are cute and erasable. Need to find a purpose for it. They also have a promo that you would get a mechanical lead for free when you buy a mechanical pencil. I got one for Php 54.


After our quick lunch break, we drop by C&E. It was a hassle to shop here. There was no price tag in the books. Instead, they have indicated the discount. The discount went as high as 90%. We noticed that some of the customers would just asked for the price in the cashier. Hence the line for payment was very long. Beside the booth, there’s an activity area where you can get GC for the books. We saw GC for Php 200, 300 and 400.


We then went to National Bookstore, same as last year, there was no bargain pile. The books I got were at 20% discount.DSC09805

Last stop is Fully Booked, if your purchase reached Php 3,000, you can get a Fully Booked discount card for free. Items are marked at 20% off as well. I’ve got the compilation for Step into Reading as it’s cheaper. The book costs Php 368 less 20% for 5 or 6 stories. Depending on the character.DSC09806

Husband’s stash for this year. Initially he wanted the Sakura’s story as well but as it wasn’t a graphic novel, he chose Sasuke’s Story instead. It’s a novel folks!DSC09799

Since we didn’t find some of the books in MIBF, we went to S Maison Fully Booked to get the books we have reserved last Sunday. They are also having a sale at 20% off.DSC09807

There you go folks… my 2017 MIBF Haul. Missing from the haul are 3 books which I forgot to get from my Sister in Law and the Lampara books which I completely forgot to add in the complete stash. DSC09816

Happy MIBF Folks!


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I am back at the book fair. And this year is probably the least haul I have. I was planning to go in the morning but it rained, so I was forced to postpone my trip. Eventually, I was able to drop by after dropping Edward in school.

I like Adarna’s setup this year. The sale pile is more organized. And the books looks brand new. At 30 Php each. Newer books are selling at 60 Php. 

There’s no bargain pile in National Bookstore again, I was able to grab a Paw Patrol book. I was aiming to get some My Busy Book but only a few selection was available.

Summit promo is good, for every purchase of new magazine, you can get a back issue for free. 

Fully booked books seems more expensive than National Bookstore. Their busy book was almost 700 Php. Considering it’s only around 500 Php in National. But selection wise, they have more. I was able to pick up the game I was targetting last year. It has the same price, but since I’m getting less books this year, I was able to afford it. 

Come to think of it, seems I didn’t see much Lego Minifigure books this year. I’ve skip the graphic novels and religious stores since Katsu wasn’t with me this year. Majority are textbooks.

I was able to pick up a few good things in Learning is Fun. 

From EdCrisch, a book about fire station.

I was able to have my book signed also at Lampara. 

There you go… My 2016 stash. 

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It’s been a while since I hoarded some books. MIBF is just around the corner… I feel lucky to find these books as I passed through National Bookstore. Majority of the books I’ve bought was for 20 Php. Just like the Books For Less Warehouse sale.

So, the haul…

I’m very happy with this book. 3 books… Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny and My World for 30 Php. Not bad at all.I was planning to get this in MIBF. That’s why I was happy to get this for 20 Php.
Rainbow Fish series for 20 Php each

This is still early for Edward. I’ll reserve it until he’s old enough. Hardy Boys Graphic Novels. I got it for 50 Php each.

I was looking for a book related to Greek Myth, that’s why I was happy to find this book for 100 Php.

My total damage is 640 Php. Not bad huh? Considering the retail price would probably get me 2 books. But I got 23 books. So I am super happy. I’ll be expecting similar finds in MIBF. I can’t wait!

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After our errands, we’ve decided to drop by National Bookstore Rizal Avenue Branch. Although there’s no sale. They have bins with 50% off. And after digging through the pile, here’s our haul…

I was super happy with the Scary Storybook Collection, I got for 337.50 Php, just in time for Halloween.



Sticker books for 47.50 Php each. Edward loves stickers.


These are not on sale, but husband wants to get it anyway.


Total damage? 1,600 Php. Pretty decent haul. Super happy… 😄

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When I saw this sign, I have no choice but to drop by and check it out. Turns out… My haul is better than National Bookstore in MIBF.

Here are the items I got at 50% off.





And here are the ones at 20% off.



Total damage is around 1,200 Php. And I’m extremely happy. I’ll look for other branches…

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Finally!!! I was able to visit it and haul! Overall, I’m happy with the haul. Although, it’s more expensive than the initial sale from 10 Php to 20 Php. But for the convenience of going there and the aircon… I’ll glad pay the difference.

The haul is a mixture of books for Edward and me. It was hard digging through all the shelves but it’s a must in order to find good bargain like Dr Seuss books or Eric Carle.








This probably is my last haul for the year…

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Everything at 20 Php until December 15, 2014 at SM Manila. They have thousands of books available. Ranging from Children’s books and Coffee Table Books. They replenish every day! Although it’s not 10 Php… The good news is there’s Aircon.

Thanks husband for the haul. I am super happy!





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