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I rarely blog about food these days… But there are two discoveries that urges me to share.

One from Balai Pandesal. A sandwich spread and dip… Hidden Valley Spicy Chipotle Pepper. It’s a bit pricy, 300ish pesos. But it’s really good especially for those of you who likes spicy food.


Another recommendation for Korean food lovers, Kimchi!!! This one is bought from Shopper’s Mart. 120ish. What’s surprising is it’s made from Taiwan. So I’m not sure if really authentic but it’s really good. We even add this to our ramyun to make it more spicy.



So, there you have it. I hope you would enjoy these as much as we do.


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We were on a Sunday mall stroll when I noticed this store. The price of the books is similar to Book Sale, but the place is more spacious. It’s easier to browse books. In fact, I wasn’t able to complete browsing the store. A lot of selection for Children’s book. Majority of my haul range 30-89. Not bad…













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Amazon Customer Service

I’m impressed with the customer service of Amazon. I’ve raised a concern where I’m seeing a book for US1 but whenever I check out the product, it becomes US3. They answered within 12 hours, answered why I’m seeing the difference, gave instructions as to how to change it and even gave me a US2 promo code. Now that’s customer service.


So, if anyone of you are seeing the difference in pricing, it might be because of the Country Setting, under http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle.

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I’ve been using Aliexpress for several purchases that I’ve made online but this is the first time I’ve tried out dfferent delivery services. Previously, I choose the free China Post Mail. Yes it takes a long time but I onlly pay P50 for storage fee.

For this time, since my purchase was relatively bigger. The seller shipped the package through Fedex and EMS. So that it would be received faster. But my experience is not so good. 

Fedex – This is super fast. Less than a week, my package is here. But they are charging a lot to receive the package. For my package, it went through custom for P250. But the storage fee cost around P800. I paid almost P1,300 after tax for the storage fee. It is door to door delivery.

EMS – Not as fast as Fedex but more expensive in terms of tax. It depends on the mood of the person computing. My experience was so bad. I was asking her to breakdown the cost and she charged me more. I didn’t want to argue with her, so I paid it. Almost P1,300 as well. Aside from the variable computation of tax, you have to go to EMS Central Mail Exchange to pick up your parcel. Near the airport. It quite inconvenient for me.

Hence, I’ll stick to the original China Post Mail, where you pick it up in the nearest Post Office and they don’t charge as much.

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