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I was really looking forward to watch this musical. In fact, it was a must for me to watch it. Not sure if it was too much excitement that causes my disappointment in the end.

The verdict… It was so-so. I don’t know if I like it or not. Some parts are really good like One Day More and I Dreamed a Dream, Bring Him Home. But some parts are really disappointing. Like the Prologue… It was not powerful as expected. And so is Red and Black. In fact, I liked the movie version better for these songs.

I liked A Little Fall of Rain and Empty Chairs and Tables. It was touching enough for me to be teary eyed.

The death of Javert and the rescue of Marius by Jean Valjean were cool. Loved the effects.

Stand out performances… Probably Jean Valjean, Javert and Fantine. The rest are so-so.

Probably what I was looking for in the musical… goosebumps. Songs powerful enough to make you shiver. Only One Day More was able to make me feel that. I was expecting to feel that in Prologue, Do You Hear the People Sing, At the End of the Day, Red and Black and the ending.

Stage design and effects are remarkable but somehow I feel the music from the orchestra is a bit lacking in some parts.

So now, still mixed emotions if I liked it. Probably would try watching other versions of the musical.



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