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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 9, 2012 Today we would finally have the Century buffet. We planned this long ago but it was just pushed off to another date for a long time. I’m not sure how everything would fall according to plan but I hope everything would be okay. I’ve schedule the breast pump session in a way that we would be able to have one last pump before the buffet. This is to ensure that I won’t have super heavy breast in the afternoon. This made me realize, if this is the way that things would go, how does a mom really socializes if the feeding is every 2 hours and so is the pumping session? Maybe socializing isn’t the priority anymore, or they wait until there’s no more breastmilk before they socialize. If that is the case, then at least 6 more months…

My wound is starting to itch now, I think this is what mama was referring to that when it’s almost okay, it would start to itch. And I am not to scratch it. No matter how itchy it gets, I just have to endure it.

Baby gained more weight he’s now at 1.7 and the jaundice is lower now. Yay! Good baby. If the weight continues to increase, I can bring him home next week after the circumcision. So that means we have to prepare for his arrival.

We had a successful feeding thanks to the nipple shield. Edward ate a lot. When I arrived he was awake and was waiting for his food. He was chewing on his cloth already. He cried a lot today and it was really loud. Good thing, he can stop immediately when you touch him. I think that he’s was still hungry when we finished because he kept on moving his mouth but he won’t latch anymore. It took him some time also to fall asleep I think it’s because he likes to look at things. Once there’s a sound he looks at that direction immediately.

He pooped today and we asked the nurse to teach us how to change diaper and how
to clean him up. Looked simple just not sure how to do it in real life. I like reminiscing what Edward did today. He’s super cute. Bias or not. He’s the cutest for me.

His bellybutton scab has fallen off. I noticed it when we were changing diaper. However the nurse wasn’t able to keep it. I felt really bad. It’s like I’ve disappointed mama since she asked me to keep it and I wasn’t able to do so. I’m like a bad mom.

Finally was able to upload baby’s photo in google drive. This way I can share photos with neechan. However was only able to upload half of the pictures.

Kalvin cleaned Edward’s room yesterday and we even setup the new born crib. I was trying to bend to reach baby but it’s a bit low. So I’m a bit troubled that I might not be able to get him from the bed. I guess I just have to recover faster. So far, we are getting closer closer to completing baby’s room. Can’t wait to bring him home.

I found out yesterday that Kalvin and Katsu did plan a baby shower for me. Aw husband’s the sweetest. It was supposed to be on June 17 but I’ve given birth earlier. Valiant was supposed to be there just in case anything happens we are to immediately go to the hospital. Even if the shower didn’t push through. I’m touched with the fact that Kalvin has prepared one for me. My husband’s the best!

Live Twits:

10:38 AM Baby pooped.

10:40 AM Baby stayed awake the whole time. And he ate a lot. Yay. Gain a little more weight. Now at 1.70.

10:41 AM Baby cried but it’s a good thing he can stop crying immediately.

10:46 AM Baby is molting.

10:50 AM Baby can cry super loud now.

10:52 AM Baby’s Feet http://instagr.am/p/LoxQSoC2Ht/

11:23 AM Sleepy Baby http://instagr.am/p/Lo0yaKi2Jy/

3:34 PM I feel bad. Baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off and i wasn’t able to keep it. The hospital threw it away.



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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 8, 2012 I must be going crazy. I woke up, stood up, prepared for my breast pump and when I saw the time, I was 2 hours earlier than my schedule. I don’t know why I woke up earlier. Since I have removed the apparatus from the sterilizer, I have no choice but to continue the pump. Lesson learned though… need to check time first in the future before standing up and doing anything.

WordPress scared me. I drafted via my mobile and I thought that everything I’ve written was erased. Good thing it was a false alarm.

Neechan went with us to the hospital and for unknown reason it was super traffic. It never happened when we were visiting him. Anyway, I was able to carry baby my myself from his bed as Kalvin was not yet available when the breastfeeding was starting. And baby didn’t cry. Clap clap. I guess he was excited for his food. His mouth kept on moving while he’s still lying down. He was super cute.

We have some photos taken as Neechan is going back to Canada. Boohoo… I’m glad baby showed Neechan lots of faces. He likes making face. And like his father, he started making monkey face already. I’m glad that baby is a smiling boy. He smiles when he’s eating. And he likes rolling his eyes to look at things. However, I still can’t figure out if he has brown eyes or black eyes. I’m just glad that he’s more awake now.

We were able to make him burp. But he ended up having hiccup and we can’t make him stop. We had to call the nurse again. A mental note needs to find out how to make him stop if he is hiccuping.

On the way out of a nursery, there was a lady in a wheelchair crying. Seems that her baby didn’t make it. I feel really bad for her. And as a mother, I can relate how she feels. Baby Edward wasn’t in a no hope situation but ever since my 33rd week, his life was at risk. He’s not growing and a lot more complication when he came out. He kept on losing weight and his yellow level suddenly surged. So every night, I wish very hard that he would be okay.

I’m glad that baby is a fighter. Today, his weight is at 1.66, increased from 1.61. A small improvement but it’s better than losing weight. His yellow levels are back to normal, but since the warmer is paid already, my pedia opted to have put under it. The fortifier wasn’t given anymore as his weight increased. But we have to continue monitoring him. Good job Edward! Mama’s proud of you.

Upon arriving home, my breasts ached a lot. Haven’t pumped for 7 hours that’s why it was super painful already. Was able to pumped out 130ml. Only a few more and I’ll be able to fill up the whole bottle. 🙂 I’m glad… somehow I’m reassured that baby won’t go hungry.

I cleaned half of Edward’s cabinet. I got tired easily though that’s why I wasn’t able to finish. Mama bought receiving blankets for Edward as well. I guess will add that to the things that I need to wash.

I’m a bit worried again about milk production. I was planning on skipping Natalac for tonight since I feel that my breasts are still firm. However during the last pump for the night. I only got 50ml. Looking at the pattern,  normally last pump is the fewest milk. Need to ensure that medication is eaten properly and constant pumping is done so that the milk will continue to flow. Otherwise, my baby would starve. But the panic mode is not the same as before. I’m semi confident and semi worried.

Live Twits:

12:46 AM I must b crazy. I woke up and prepare for my pump. When i saw the time i was two hours early

9:35 AM Can’t wait to see baby

9:45 AM Ble! http://twitpic.com/9txum9

9:46 AM Don’t want to eat anymore http://twitpic.com/9txupb

1:18 PM Done with (@ Makati Medical Center w/ 5 others)http://4sq.com/K3uWtu

1:27 PM Lunch with neechan (@ Yellow Cab Pizza Co. w/ 2 others)

1:29 PM Yay baby’s yellow level is back to normal. Weight gain a bit. It’s a good sign.

7:14 PM Smiling boy http://instagr.am/p/LnF66Ei2Pa/

10:20 PM Just created baby’s email

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 7, 2012 I woke up today with super sore breasts. I guess that’s what you get for being a cow, just like my lactation doctor said with the amount of milk that I was producing. But no matter how much pain I have to go through, I can endure or else my son would go hungry.

I have a follow-up check-up with my OB today. I’m quite scared of going because it seems that she would be looking at the wound. I certainly hope that she would be gentle and I won’t be scolded a lot.

I tried weighing in during the wee hours of the morning and I was so surprised that I gained weight. Luckily during the official weigh in time, my weight remained the same. Whew! I just hope it would continue to reduce.

Husband is so sweet, while looking for an abdominal binder, he bought me nipple cream. My breasts are starting to be sore from the non-stop pumping.

We got a call from the pedia as well. Baby is losing weight again. No update on his jaundice yet as it would be checked tomorrow. His color is getting better. If ever his weight decrease again tomorrow. He will be given a fortifier to help increase the calorie. This makes me think if my milk is not compatible with him. At least I’m getting stronger now, I didn’t cry when I heard the news.

The parking in the area is getting harder and harder. In fact, I had to go to the hospital on my own since we were on a waiting list when we arrived. Baby was in the photo therapy again. We weren’t able to breastfeed since he just ate. Waiting for the 3 pm session since I have to visit my OB.

As per the nurse he’s down to 1.61 kg. Decreased a lot of weight but he’s eating a lot now. He peed 3x already and poop twice. He doesn’t cry a lot and he knows his feeding time. He starts to move when it’s near feeding.

I’ve observed that he stays awake longer now. Today is the second time I came to the hospital and see him awake. Took a few picture since it’s a rare chance. We got to cuddle him for 15 minutes before the check-up. I tried to pick him up from his bed and he started crying. Why ah.

In the check up, we were given a kit for the cleaning of the wound. This needs to be done twice a day. Poor husband. The knot of the wound was also removed. It was a bit painful but still tolerable. Need to come back after a month for pap smear. Quite scared. Don’t know if it would hurt. We were be given options for contraception also if we want to. Hmmm. That may be a bit ackward.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we left baby in the hospital. This way he can be better monitored. If ever at home we might not see how yellow he is and how much weight he’s losing.

He ate a lot during feeding. In the 45 minutes that we are feeding almost 30 minutes he was sucking. Super proud of baby. He is exerting more effort now. If he’s hungry he kept on moving or opening his lips. He would close it once he’s full. After the meal he immediately fell asleep. Super cute. He made a lot of faces today. I was able to capture some of it. He knows how to burp now. He eats sloppily I’m glad to clean him off.

Kalvin tried to swaddle baby. He was successful. Super proud of him. Next time around I’ll try it as well.

After the last pump, I applied the nipple soothing cream and it seems to work as my breast is not hurting anymore when it touches my bra. Hope it would continue to be ok so that I can increase the suction capacity therefore more milk.

Live Twits:

9:35 AM Baby lost weight again 😦 However he’s eating more and more. Now at 27 ML per meal.If he loses weight again, he’ll be given fortifier.

9:36 AM On a lighter note, his complexion is getting better now, Not too much yellowish. Will repeat the test tomorrow to ensure he gets better.

12:44 PM Check up time (@ Makati Medical Center w/ 7 others)

12:47 PM Baby eats a lot as per the nurse. Cheeks are getting puffier. 3 pees and 2 poop. Scary haha

12:51 PM Tried to carry baby but before I’m able to do so he started crying. Scared me. Good thing he stopped immediately

12:53 PM Baby stays awake longer. He knows his feeding time. He starts moving when the time comes. He doesn’t cry a lot.

1:38 PM Just had my wound knot removed. Scary.

1:39 PM Waiting to feed baby @ 3pm

1:41 PM Baby is awake!!’ http://pic.twitter.com/J188Tnyq

1:41 PM Thought I lost baby’s picture. Super scary.

2:15 PM Pouty lips http://pic.twitter.com/yFAjK6tn

4:24 PM Bleh! http://instagr.am/p/LkNs6ui2M-/

4:26 PM Don’t want to eat anymore!!’ http://instagr.am/p/LkN1dxi2ND/

4:29 PM Super successful feeding! Yay! Good baby. Eat a lot. He looked peaceful after the meal.

4:29 PM Kalvin swaddled baby. Good job papa!!!

4:54 PM Knocked out http://instagr.am/p/LkRH3PC2Ns/

5:11 PM On the way home

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 6, 2012 Happy 1st week baby!!! I guess so far so good. I can’t wait to see my baby again today. However, we might go a bit late today since Kalvin has to do some stuffs for his business.

Mama and I are trying to switch to natural ways of drinking malunggay. She bought a stalk and we tried adding it in the soup. The taste was tolerable. Let’s just see if it can increase the milk production.

I was supposed to finalized the Ariel Javelosa photos and videos but I just don’t have the time for it. I guess now I don’t have any choice but to do it. As tomorrow, we need to start cleaning baby’s room.

I’m like a tracker now, I’m tracking baby’s weight, my weight and my milk production. It seems like I’m gonna be an OC mom haha. I just hope that I won’t turn out to be super irritating. While browsing through facebook, I saw some pictures that looked like Baby Edward. I was like how come it looks like my son. Then I realized his uncle uploaded his photos. Just what I need since I’m missing him already.

We received a text message from Valiant saying baby lost weight. I immediately panicked and want to see baby immediately. When we arrived, my nurse in charged informed me that baby developed breastfeeding jaundice. He is turning yellow. It’s normal for babies especially for prematurely delivered. My world started spinning, and another emotional breakdown starting. I feel bad for him as he has to go through photo therapy. It’s normal for babies especially prematured ones but I can’t help feeling worried. Seems that I won’t be able to bring him home on Saturday. Our house seems incomplete without baby. How I wish he can be with us soon.

The breastfeeding session turned out successful. Baby ate until he can’t eat anymore. Super cute he was super sloppy and was smiling silly. However, he’s a bit spoiled. Would only eat if he tasted milk already. Won’t exert much effort to have his own food.

We went back to the nursery after lunch and I was depressed to see baby in the photo therapy. His eyes were covered, he was naked and lying under 8 fluorescent light. He seemed to be uncomfortable. Good thing it’s only for an hour. I’m crossing my fingers for his quick recovery.

I fell asleep on the way home again. Even if I had sleep longer today, I still feel sleepy. I was knocked out.

Another record high for breastmilk. 90 ML for 5 minutes each. Super happy with the result! At this rate, I’ll be able to supply baby’s food.

Mama bought bedsheets and bonnets for baby. I guess she’s pretty excited as well.

We tried removing the binder while I was standing up. Boy! I thought I would die with the pain… it seems that my body can’t support my belly yet. I was so scared. Good thing husband was there to support me. I almost collapsed.

Live Twits:

7:33 AM Happy first week baby

8:11 AM husband come home soon… let’s visit baby… i miss him

12:07 PM Baby why did you lose weight? I’m so worried. Off to see you baby edward1

2:38 PM Done visiting baby

2:42 PM Baby sleeping

3:27 PM Successful breastfeeding today baby ate until he won’t eat anymore. He kept his mouth shut when we tried to feed him again. Cute!

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 5, 2012 Suddenly milk production became my obsession. As any mom would be concerned about baby’s food intake. I’m worried that my milk is not enough for baby. This morning, I’ve decided to track the amount of milk I’m producing at every extraction. So far, I’m glad that I’m getting more and more milk. Disgusting as it may sound but it’s good enough to sustain my baby. Finally, I can produce 60 ml in 1 sitting. Baby steps, but I’m getting there.

While chatting with Mary-chan yesterday, I’ve gotten to know of Anmum Lacta. It aims to help in the production of milk. I’m willing to try anything… 🙂

Today’s breastfeeding is more successful compared to other sessions because baby was awake. We managed to keep him awake during the session. It was a nice bonding time. We were tricking him to eat more. I’m glad also that he’s now 1.72 kg. Baby steps but baby is growing. During the session baby farted but no smell. We were afraid to check if he pooped. Towards the end he ended up having hiccups. We tried patting his back but we weren’t able to make him stop. In the end we called the nurse. Turns out you need to pat him while he’s on a sitting position.

The nurse was surprised with the volume of milk we brought. Yay! I guess it’s a good sign hopefully baby would gain more weight. Speaking of milk, when we got back and started the pumping. We were able to express 90ml for 15 minutes.

A lot of people are commenting that baby is small. Sadly it’s true. But my baby is a fighter. We’ll make him grow bigger and stronger.

We were visited by Stephen and Winnie today and we learned a lot about breastfeeding and parenting. Can’t wait to be a hands on mom. I also need to watch the natalac intake. Although it’s good for the production of milk, excess milk is also not good for the mother. It might turned into solid milk in the underarms and would need surgery. That’s certainly not good.

Kalvin dressed my wound today, he was so gentle. I was super scared but I didn’t feel a thing. I indirectly saw my wound, why indirectly? Because I was only able to see it via the bandage, since we are putting betadine, the bandage was stained. I pity my husband as he has to do a nitty gritty stuffs for me. This is the time where you would feel your husband’s love.  I know he loves me so and just as he said, he knows that I would do the same for him if the need arises.

My milking schedule for today allowed me more sleep. I guess I have to follow this pattern so that I’ll be able to rest well until baby comes.

I started filling out the maternity forms, turns out still needs a lot of stuffs before I’ll be able to complete. Again baby steps but we’re getting there. I’m glad that Deutsche Bank HR is handling the Philhealth document request. Otherwise, it would really be troublesome if I have to request it directly from Philhealth. They would be providing the MDR and the monthly contribution.

Live Twits:

6:14 AM Yay another record high in milk production

1:13 PM Just visited baby. He got heavier 1.72. He even farted haha. We panicked when he had hiccups.

1:16 PM Baby cooperated well today. I think it’s because he’s awake.

1:17 PM Loved playing with baby. We even have to trick him to eat.

2:01 PM Baby’s skin is looking better. Lesser red spots. He’s getting more skin in his arms and legs as well.

4:12 PM Another record high 90 ml for 15 minutes

7:06 PM Just finished dressing the wound, kalvin’s the best. Didn’t feel any pain.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 4, 2012 After resting well, I am more relaxed now. Although I didn’t produce much milk during the 4 AM extraction, I’m not panicking yet. I guess I have to rest more to be able to produce more.

I realized this morning that I have been preoccupied with baby, breastfeeding and everything else that I forgot that Neechan is going back to Canada soon. Suddenly, I started having an emotional breakdown again where I felt really bad that I can’t go to Yap house to visit my family. I really wish that I get well soon. So that I’ll be able to see them as soon as possible.

I received a good news this morning. My baby started to gain weight. He’s now at 1.7 kg. So from 1.8 kg initially, his weight dropped to 1.6 kg now at 1.7 kg… hope this would be the start.

I was so happy seeing Edward, and it seems his legs has more skin now. Not super scrawny anymore. The breastfeeding was semi successful. We were able to latch him and let him suck for a bit. Although most of the time, he’s still asleep. I could sense the improvement. He has more power in sucking. I’m super happy with baby’s improvement.

I love his smell. It’s a bit addicting, although we weren’t able to stay long as the next feeding session is 3 hours. I’ve opted to just go home and start pumping the milk for his supply tomorrow.

Upon arriving home, I started on the pump and I was super happy… I was able to pump out 50 ml of milk. So far, it’s the most milk I’ve produced, whether 2 hour or 4 hour interval. As I was doing the pump, I started computing the expenses… and hence, the headache starts haha. I’ve decided to do petty stuffs while pumping so that my time won’t be wasted.

I’ve started documenting Edward’s stuffs, as we are now getting majority of the stuffs he needs. The bottles are here, clothes as well. So far so good. Baby steps and we’ll be ready when he comes, probably Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sometime during the afternoon Neechan called and said they bought baby’s crib. It’s good for 0-5 years old and it’s made of wood. I’m super thankful for the support of our families. They helped us a lot through out the pregnancy.

I’m glad that my life is starting to return to normal. I wish for 100% recovery so that I’ll be able to take care of Edward. Tomorrow, probably will have to start cleaning the room.

Live Twits:

8:52 AM Yay! Baby Edward weighs 1.7 KG now. He’s starting to gain weight. Yay!

9:59 AM Off to see baby

12:18 PM Yay baby is drinking more and more milk

1:19 PM Going home

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 3, 2012. Today is the day that we would be visiting Baby Edward. I am so excited. To add to that, I was successful to pump out 2 oz of milk this 4AM. Of course, it’s not much. But it’s the most milk I’ve produced so far. I’ll just gonna keep on eating stuff and drinking lots of liquid to produce more milk. I’ve learned today that looking for hard spots in your breast and pressing on it can help extract more milk. 😛 This is learned through experience.

We’ll be bringing Edward 7 containers of milk hope it would be enough until tomorrow. Another good news for today is that I’ve stopped on my painkillers. The last dosage I took was yesterday around 5 PM. I was able to skip the 11 PM dosage. And when I woke up today, I felt like I can tolerate the pain. So I’m shunning from the painkillers first.

Because we were in a hurry to go to the hospital, I actually left my camera. Good thing, it’s not my delivery date, or else I would really kill myself.

The road going to the hospital was super bumpy that it was super painful all throughout the ride. At the back of my mind, all I was thinking is that I’ll see baby soon and it became tolerable. It was my first time to ride a sedan after the operation. And boy would I recommend a van for those who just had an operation. Upon arriving at the hospital, I even have to ride a wheelchair to the nursery. That was how painful it was. But upon seeing baby, everything was worth it.

Not much change with baby, seems that he is still super sleepy. He was able to latch for a bit but didn’t much feed during the first session that we have to wait for the second session to be more successful. When he sleeps, he doesn’t want to drink much milk. This worries me a lot because I don’t know how he would grow if he keeps on doing that. He smiled at us. Boy! It was heaven, we were also able to take a picture of us holding him. I just hope it turns out okay when I print it out since it came from a cellphone.

Today I noticed that my legs are getting swollen again, it made me nervous, since before the delivery my legs looked normal. But I learned that it’s normal to have it as long as blood pressure is not yet. So I guess I’m just scaring myself.

I had another emotional breakdown. When I checked on baby around 10 PM. I was happy to know that he drank the breast milk we brought. But the bad news was his supply would last until 9 AM only. I was planning to go around 7 PM tomorrow since I want to take some rest first. But it seems not possible. I was really frustrated at the fact that I try to produce milk, in fact, my breast is super sore from the extraction. All the while I think it would be enough but it isn’t. So it was really heartbreaking like I can’t do anything for my baby. I’m glad husband is here to support. He keeps on saying if it’s not enough then might as well switch to formula milk earlier. I don’t know what would happen but let’s see. For now, I really have to take more rests and drink plenty of liquids. Hope it really helps in the milk production. Otherwise, my baby would starve.

Live Twits:

4:10 AM I miss my son. When I called the hospital to check on him, he’s already asleep

12:26 PM I’ve cut my nails short and have prepared to meet my son. Can’t wait to see him

3:38 PM Back for breastfeeding (@ Makati Medical Center w/ 6 others)

3:39 PM Baby please stop sleeping

6:44 PM Going home from visitiing baby. Missing him again.

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