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First thing first. It’s been a while… and lately I’m back to watching TV Series. My last two series were both played by Shiraishi Shunya. Good Morning Call as Hisashi Uehara. and Kamen Rider Wizard as Haruto Soma.

After watching Good Morning Call, I find him interesting and liked to watch his other works. I’ve stumbled upon Kamen Rider Wizard and I am officially smitten-ed.

Probably because I liked the characters he played. Hisashi Uehara looks a bit cold but really nice on the inside. I like that he’s smart and compassionate. Haruto Soma is super duper nice and has a hero complex. He wants to save the world and is very sensitive. He also is very cool. Somehow, I like those kinds of traits in the main actor of the show.

Based on his two shows, one word would describe him. Kakkoii.  I like how he portrays the roles he’s in. Very believable. Two different types of personality but it was really convincing. I also like his expressions. Not over-acting. He just transforms into the character.

The only problem now is there’s not much information about him. I’m glad that he has a twitter account. I just need to brush up on my Japanese. And I’m waiting for the second season of Good Morning Call.

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I’ve been a fan of Yuruzu Hanyu after seeing him in the Winter Olympics in Russia.

He was so passionate in skating and he’s very humble.

The recent news about him breaks my heart. He was injured during warm up practice when he collided with a Chinese skater. In the end, he performed with a head bandage and chin bandaid.

54China Cup of China Figure Skating
Credits: http://www.mercedsunstar.com

Credits: http://www.theaustralian.com.au

Yes, he fell in most of his jumps but the will to finish the program is super inspiring. In fact, after the program, he was struggling to skate, walk and stay awake.

When the results were shown,  he cried… It was so touching. Too bad, he didn’t win overall. But he really did what he can and I am super proud of him. Will continue to support him and watch his health progress.

Get well soon, Yuzuru Hanyu!

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The Sound of Music Musical

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] “The hills are alive… with the sound of music…” They’re here! In Resorts World Manila from October 15 until December 11 . I was lucky enough to watch the opening night, thanks to my shobby. The only drawback is I watched it alone since we can’t get tickets for husband. That being said, he watch Real Steel instead.

While waiting for the show to start, they showed teasers of what to expect in the play. The rehearsal, the cast and a bit of the interview, building up the crowd’s interest in the play. I was a bit impressed with the cast, their voices sound really good.

The opening was spectacular. The combination of the LED screen and the voices was amazing. The stage was awesome as well. However, they weren’t able to sustain the greatness throughout the show. Towards the end of the 3 hours, it was a bit boring and dragging. Although the talent of the casts is still remarkable.

The Sound of Music is memorable to me, I remember watching it with my dad. That’s why I can’t help but compare the play with the movie. I think that some of the “must” scenes were removed from the musical. This includes the Captain singing Edelweiss in the garden. The only time this song was sang was towards the end of the play. Do-Re-Mi was a bit over-sang. They sang it for more than 3 times I think.

Another observation is the inclusion of minor parts, I mean they let Max and Elsa sing 3 songs, I have no complains on their talents, they are really good. It’s just that, because of these minor parts, the love story of Captain Von Trapp and Maria was a bit rushed. And these minor parts also caused the play to be super long.

The kissing scenes were also a bit excessive. I mean, it’s supposed to be based on a classic movie. Do people kiss that much during that time?

After the negative reviews, here’s what I like about the play. The opening number is super good. The voices of the nuns are really angelic. It feels like you’re in heaven with angels singing.

I also like the dance of Captain Von Trapp and Maria, it was super romantic. It feels like they were the only people left in the world when they were dancing. The passion they have for each other is super infectious. I suddenly miss my husband.

The youngest daughter, Gretl is super cute. She’s talented at an early age. I like the musical sequence of the Von Trapp kids, it was super fun. Like you were transferred back in time.

The voices of the cast are really good, it’s heartwarming. And you just want to listen to them. Right after the play, I want to listen to the songs all over again that I keep on singing the songs in my head and aloud.

I’m glad I watched this play, it’s been a long time since I watched a play. The venue was also great, Resorts World Theater is so cool, they are a bit strict on food and drinks. These are not allowed in the theater. The washroom as outside the theater, in the lounge. So I suggest you use it first before going inside. They start the play on time. At 8 PM, there were still some people coming in, but the curtains are raised and the nuns started singing. The drawback of this? A lot of people are still walking while the play is starting. If they should be strict on the time, they should close the door at a certain point so that no one will come in anymore. Interrupting the play.

If I was to choose which I like better? It would still be the movie. Going to this play is a good experience. I would like to watch a play again.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Because of the royal wedding hype, I’m starting to like Prince William again. Back in high school days when everyone has a crush on Prince William, I caught on the William fever. I liked him during that time also. I mean, who wouldn’t he was handsome and he’s a prince.

I have to be honest, before the royal wedding, I can’t help but wonder what happened to him. How come he was losing his hair. And Kate came out super pretty, I was sad that he’s not as handsome as he was before. During the wedding, while inside the car with Prince Harry, I can’t help but swoon. I mean, he looks so good in his uniform. And I like the fact that he was waving to the crowd. He’s super nice and it’s one of my weaknesses. When he took off his hat, “hmm” that’s my only reaction. It was a bit sad seeing aerial shots of the wedding.

I love his voice when he was saying his vows. I was even hushing my dad because I can’t hear his voice even if it was already the third time I was watching the replay. His voice was so good. And his smile, “sigh” I can let go of his baldness.

After the wedding and ready all the reports, lip reading news, I loved him more. I can’t believe he’s so sweet. I’ve saved some of the things I love.

William the worrier: Even on his wedding day, Prince watches out for his little bridesmaid

‘Did you see how terrified Grace looked? ‘Grace, she was like with her hands on her ears.’ – He even imitated her. Prince William is so cute.

During the Balcony Kiss

A lip reader’s analysis showed that, following their first kiss, William touchingly told his new bride ‘I love you’ before going in for a second crowd-thrilling embrace.

‘Let’s give them another one. l love you. One more kiss, one more kiss, okay,’ he said.

When Kate and her dad arrived at the altar

Turning to Michael Middleton and his dazzling daughter, he quipped with mock innocence: “I just thought it would be a small family affair!”

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David Beckham

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I’ve found my modern day rake image in David Beckham. I mean, he’s talented, handsome, and rich. Has style, hot bod and a killer smile. He has the ability to make everyone in the room swoon when he comes in. There’s only one thought entering my mind when I see his pictures… ” He’s perfect!” Well, sort of, until he speaks.

I know he’s really good in football. I’ve never seen him play but I’ve seen some youtube clips. Too bad, he doesn’t play much lately. But at least we still see him.

What makes him more lovable is the feelings he shows towards his wife and sons. I love seeing his pictures with his family. Watching NBA with his sons, kissing them in public. He’s an amazing father, as in the novels, a reformed rake. I absolutely have no idea what his life was before Victoria, but I would like to continue imagining he was once a rake.

I love him and Victoria. I’ve been following Victoria since Spice Girls. I love Posh the most. I’m happy that after all these years, they are still together, looking strong. Looking more in love. My heart skips a beat seeing their pictures happy. I love seeing all their photos. Given that they are also the paparazzi’s favorite, I see a lot of their pictures. I’m glad they found one another. They are perfect for each other.

David looks like a Knight in Shining Armor, always there to protect his family. I can see the protectiveness towards Victoria more. I also like seeing their public display of affection. This makes him live up to my rake image.

I’m sorry I’m fulfilling my own fantasy. It’s hard to find someone who can live up to the images I have conjured. I’ve searched through the internet and I can’t find someone good looking enough to meet my expectation. I’m so glad I found my rake and he’s so hot.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Getting a designer who lives near you have it’s own advantages. Over the past few months, I’m almost always in my designer’s store. Fitting my gown, waiting with my entourage to fit their gowns or checking accessories and stuffs. I’ve learned some of the inside info in the designer’s world and I would like to keep it in my blog.

  1. Length of studying fashion design is variable. They have a quota of the drawings so if you draw fast, chances are you would graduate earlier. The school would also ask you to compile all your drawings so when you graduate you already have a portfolio. It’s normally finished in 3 years time.
  2. There’s really no school for bead working. It’s normally acquired through practice. The best way to do so is to start in a small piece of cloth, draw your designs and start to sew beads into the pattern. Mind you, there’s a counting that needs to be followed. It should be precise to the counting otherwise the beads would be loose.
  3. For the beading process, the designer would draw it in the paper. And then pass the dress and the paper to the one who would do the beads. They would draw patterns in the dress. Afterwhich, they would send back for the designer’s approval. Once it’s okay, they would start the beadwork.
  4. If you want to start learning about sewing, start with sewing handkerchief and then difficulty should progress.
  5. Wedding gowns would be dirty after all the people touching it, sewing beads to it or fittings. The way to clean it is to soak it in Ariel and clean it off with a brush to make the gown white again.
  6. As a designer, you are not expected to do everything by yourself. You just have to get good staffs. Someone’s who good in doing measurement, sewing, beading and looking for accessories. But it is a must that you know how to do the rest just in case something fails, you have to fix it all by yourself.
  7. The normal places we visit, Divisoria, Greenhills becomes the designer’s haven as they are able to get prices cheaply.
  8. Designers have their own suppliers that’s why even if  those suppliers won’t sell the cloth in retail, you can get it from the designer.
I love Emil Ocampo, he’s simple, down to earth and really talented. He thought me a lot of stuffs and he’s super patient with me with all my requests. I got to admit that some of his drawings look familiar. But you can choose your own design and make him modify. I’m glad that our style matches that it’s easier to talk with him. He’s super nice even if you have lots of revisions, he ensures that the quality of the dress is good. And thinks of ways to improve the dresses. I think I found my permanent designer. He’s also not super costly.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Being a fan of concert DVDs, I was truly disappointed with the quality of this DVD. I’ve watch Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese concert DVDs, and because of that I’ve set the bar high.

There was no problem with the performance of U-kiss, as I’ve experienced live, they provide a really entertaining performance. Basically, the group performances were great. I liked watching it, seems that I’m seeing them live again. The solo performances were a bit short, less than 2 minutes for each of the members I think. I’ll be a bit biased, I loved seeing Zander’s performance. I love the effort he took to sing Bebot. He has a cute Filipino accent. Super loved the performance. Although majority, I liked the concert performance. I can’t help but criticize the Stupid Cupid number. It was plain stupid. I didn’t understand what it was for. It even made U-kiss members wear mascot costume. It was really weird. One suggestion is they don’t need back-up dancers. Having 7 members is already enough, it looked a bit crowded in the stage. To make things worse there were some scenes where U-kiss is hard to find due to lots of people on stage. Backup dancers are not advisable for small stages like Araneta.

Comparing to Japanese costumes, the costumes of U-kiss were a bit tamed and cool. The solo performance costumes seems to be too plain for the artist. Nevertheless, the performance out-shown the costume. Stage, hmm… it’s a bit hard… of course, it’s the Philippines, I can’t expect much on the stage design. In fact, I didn’t see any stage design. The lighting is poor, not much laser and spotlights. It was hard to see the artists in the performance. Comparing to Taiwan concerts, the screen design is super poor. The videos looks genetic like flash samples. They’ve used neon lighting in the videos that the lights are bouncing back. It hurt my eyes to look at it.

Now on the DVD critique, it was worth 500 Php with a free booklet. I’m a bit bitter to discover that my copy is damaged. The plastic in the DVD case is torn and the carton cover is done defectively. It’s a bit sticky because the paper didn’t cover all the gum. Anyway, this is the worst case of merchandise that I bought original.

Moving on to the video and audio quality. It was crappy. Video wise, some of the scenes looked like a fancam coverage. When U-kiss is dancing, the video becomes pixelated. To make things worse, in some parts, I can’t see the face of U-kiss even if they are not moving a lot. In the dancing part, there are scenes where not all members are captured in the video. They show videos of fans in poor timing. And I really hate the blacking of the video at the start of every song. The talk parts were cut out, not really showcasing a true U-kiss concert where they interact a lot with the fans. Video coverage is really poor, I saw better fancams videos. Audio quality is super poor, there’s no static but the volume is unstable. Like a cheap pirated DVD. There would be loud and hush sounds in a song. It was hard to hear some parts of the ballad.

I didn’t regret buying this DVD mainly because of Zander and Kibum, the 2 members that I like that are not part of U-kiss anymore. Overall, I enjoyed their performances and I love the fact that I have my own copy. There are opportunity areas for Universal in future concert coverage and production. It’s a bit sad that the talk part were removed from the concert DVD. As a fangirl, this is an essential part of a concert. That’s where you can see how the artists treat their fans. I can’t imagine an Arashi concert without talk or MC. U-kiss is a really good group and I think they would be more successful in the future. I’m not sure if I can follow them as before since Zander is not part anymore. I’ll try though. They have good songs and really good dance number. It’s fun to watch them.

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