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I personally like playing this game with Edward. Where in his playpen hangs 3 stars. I point which star I want and he plucks it for me. When I say give mama, he drops it in my hand. I say thank you and say give Edward. He receives it and drop the star in his playpen. After all the stars are plucked. I just put it back on.

In this exercise, his listening and comprehension are tested. His motor skill is used and he laughs a lot while we play. It’s nice to know in this exercise, I am the center of his universe.


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Big Boy

Edward is such a big boy now that he doesn’t want me to rock-rock anymore. I had to plead with him to be still so I can continue hugging him. He likes to change position until he finds a comfortable spot to continue sleeping. Because of this, he fell to the floor. Good thing we have rubber matting now and a blanket was there to catch him. I feel really bad though, I was pulling his leg but he was so strong. He overpowered me. Guess, he’s really a big boy now. It’ll only be a while and he won’t let me carry him anymore.

He placed a sillicone in his mouth this morning. Good thing he wasn’t able to swallow it despite us giving him milk and water. Good catch Kalvin. Let’s throw away the small stuffs in the house…

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Heartbroken Mom

I was so heart broken yesterday that i cried…Edward didn’t recognize me anymore. He gave me the stranger cry. What’s that? I just noticed that when “strangers” (people he doesn’t see often included) try to carry him, he gives a specific kind of cry. And that was the cry he gave me.

The past few days were a bit hectic at work, that I go to work earlier and stay there late. Given that, the time spent with Edward was lessened. For two days, I wasn’t able to catch him awake when i get home. And our playtime in the morning was shortened than usual. So, yesterday, when he started crying while sleeping, i picked him up. It normally works, that i am able to soothe him. But yesterday, he cried louder… the stranger cry… When his papa came he cling on to him. I was trying to make him come over to me but failed miserably. He cling on to him harder. Edward was even swatting my hand away. When I tried to po-po him, he turned away and cling to his papa once more.

I was so desperate that i used all the playing sounds we make, but still failed. I cried and he cried even more, husband was saying that I was scaring him but i was really heartbroken. After awhile, he finally came over to me.

Luckily, when i got home today, he was still awake, and he was happy to see me. We played a bit. Although, he wanted his papa to rock-rock him when it’s my usual task. One step at a time, I’ll need to win his heart again. I don’t want to get his stranger cry again. It was his first time to do that to, husband and mama both got theirs. When i got mine, i was totally unprepared that I broke down. I promise, I would spend more time with him.

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Smart Edward

I was showing him that the blocks magically disappear from his train, after dropping 3 blocks, he starts listening to the dropping sound and discovered where the blocks are going. Magic unveiled…

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We applied for Edward’s passport today at the DFA Aseana, I initially thought since it was priority lane, we would finish early. Apparently, there are lots of people in the courtesy lane, and personally, the process is a bit messy, you won’t know what to do next unless you ask the guards and the employees.

So, to help you guys, i’ll write down the steps we went through. Warning, there would be rantings along the way because I was pretty frustrated about how it turned out.

1. Schedule an appointment via the DFA website. Be careful on the branches, currently, there’s SM Manila, Megamall and Aseana.
2. Prepare the supporting documents.

Required Documents for Minor Age Applicant (baby)
1. NSO birth certificate
2. Photocopy of NSO Marriage license, bring original
3. Photocopy of parent’s passport, first page, bring original

Renewal of Passport after 2007
1. Photocopy of front (the one with the details/photo) and back page, bring passport and old ones too.

Actual Day
1. Proceed to gate 3 and sign up in the lobby, in the visitor sheet
2. Go to second floor concierge and give the application sheet, she gave us a referral sheet for the director’s office. It was indicated that we would be undergoing citizenship validation
3. Go to ground floor, passport division and give the application form together with the birth certificate to the security guard in charge.
4. Wait until your name is called and you will be interviewed. We were asked about the citizenship of our parents and where do we want to go. Get the form back. (This is a bit annoying because what does the grandparents have to do with this. At the same time, our birth certificate is NSO certified.)
5. Go back to the second floor concierge, give the form and wait for the number slip. Leave the form there and prepare the photocopies of the passport.
6. Go inside the passport processing, at the back of the concierge, and wait until your number shows on the screen. (This is annoying as well, as they have lots of vacant counters, it would have been faster to process if they have complete staff.)
7. Once your number is called, proceed to the counter indicated and wait for your documents to be reviewed. They would force you to photocopy the application form and go back to them. (This is really inefficient, if they need two copies, they should have indicated it in the first place, so that i can print a copy.)
8. After returning from the 3 pesos photocopying, They would provide a blue sheet that states Step 2 Cashier and Step 3 Capturing. Go to the cashier and pay for it. It would be express as they said the courtesy lane only processes express passport. This costs 1,200 PHP.
9. Drop the application form in the box beside the cashier. (They didn’t indicate the next step after paying, we were lucky the man in front of the line for LBC told us so.)
10. If you plan to have it delivered to your home, get the LBC pouches from the girl handling the LBC payment. Note, don’t line up yet, they would only process it once you have your picture taken. Indicate the name of the passport holder and address. If it’s a minor, indicate a care or person. At the same time, indicate the middle name.
11. Wait until your name is called, they sort the paper from the box manually, like one counter for minor, senior and the like. For the babies, it’s in the farthest left. They only would call the senior, minor. So, the parent’s name would have to be searched upon the minor’s turn.
12. Once your name is called, picture taking and fingerprint encoding is done.
13. Pay for the LBC 120 PHP. Get the receipt as it would be needed when you receive the passport.

That’s it, we process ours on April 2, passport would be released by April 12 and it is expected to be delivered on April 13. We arrived 9:50 and finished at 12:05. Not bad for Philippine standard, but I was really expecting the processing to be shorter. There were lots of waiting time.

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I’ve gotten to know this website after taking advantage of the THANKYOU promo code in Old Navy where a 30% discount is offered on your cart. Super happy with my shopping. I wondered if there’s a website that would summarize the promos. And there is!

So… This website is like EverythingInBudget for US stores. It compiles the current promos/coupons on retail stores. A one time big time shop for discount. Now, I think my shopping addiction is getting worse…

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