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September 1, 2012 Today I went to celebrate my goddaughter 1st birthday party today. I can’t believe how time flies, she’s already 1 year old. Suddenly, I’m excited for Edward to turn 1 as well. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy him as much as I can. Who knows by that time, maybe he’s super heavy and I can’t carry him anymore. Since the party was at Shopwise, I was able to visit the hypermart as well. It was my first time and I had fun in it. In fact, I was able to buy sing-along books for 99.75 and basketball ring. Yay! I planned to setup one in Edward’s crib but I didn’t had the chance. Thank you shopwise!

After a long time, I was able to give Edward bath again. It was super fun time to bond. After that I made him wore the mickey mouse shirt. It was supposed to be for newborn but it still seemed big for Edward. This made me wonder, is he not the normal size still? Anyway, I’ll let him be and let him grow at his own pace. I was able to do Mommy massage as well. Super happy to do this kind of chore. Cradle cap is not yet gone but some of it are getting off. Edward’s ear really starting to open up as well. I guess in no time, the size for his two ears would be the same. Need to document fast…

Edward is super smiley today. I guess he’s on a happy mood. After a month, we’ve decided to sleep together again as a family. It was uncomfortable for all but was worth it. I guess at least once a week we can sleep together. But let’s see. It might not work so well as Edward cried more compared to us sleeping on his room. Oh well, another experiment.


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