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We’ve been storing breastmilk since hospital days. Before, we were using the 100 ml bottles provided by Makati Medical Center and Kalvin bought 60 ML specimen bottle from Mactycoon at 10 Php each. This product was recommended by our friend saying this is the cheapest storage bag for breastmilk and it is sterilized. It only costs 5 Php per bag.

After researching and several trips to the mall, we finally bought it since we used up all the specimen bottle and we won’t get any more free from Makati Med. Anyway, turns out this bag doesn’t seal. They use a clip to seal the bag. I wasn’t able to purchase the clip since SM San Lazaro was already out of stock. They said that Home World has a food clip and can be used as replacement. Anyway, we got a sample of the clip from our friend.

Since I’m not sure how this product would really gauge, I’ve decided to purchase the 4 OZ storage bag, this costs 329.75 Php in Baby Company (SM Department Stores). At the back of my mind, I was thinking that 4 OZ  is already enough. But… normally each pumping session is 5 oz and above. So I had bad judgement. I was thinking of returning the product and exchange for the 8 oz. But in the end, I’ve decided to try out the product first.

So here’s the my experiment. Since the storage bag doesn’t seal, I’ve asked husband to buy me a plastic sealer. It cost me 650 Php.

The tools: 

Spoiled breastmilk – since this is only a test I don’t want to waste baby’s food

Plastic sealer – heat level set to 3

Playtex storage bag and clip – the clip look like a food clip

The Result:

It was hard to pour breastmilk in the bag without spilling. As you are pouring the milk the bag would move and it would spill. My tip is to slowly pour the milk. This would minimize the spilling. I think this would be applicable to other storage bags as well not only with Playtex.

I initially set the heat level to two but there was a spot in the center still leaking. I changed the setting to 3 and it worked perfectly. The bag was sealed properly. Try not to let the milk touch the heated portion while it’s still hot. Btw, write the date and time using a pentel pen first before pouring the milk.

I freezed and the milk, and thawed it afterwards, the fat of the milk was separated. But after shaking the storage bag, it looked fresh again. Normally, I cut the bottom portion for the pouring out of milk and it works out fine.


I tried using the clip, but it’s pretty ackward, hence, I’ll stick to my sealer. Horizontally, the clip is not enough. Vertically, this is what it looks like.


I’m thinking of using Lock and Lock tupperware for the transport of breastmilk from the office to home. This canister is perfect fit, but I guess there are bigger sizes. I’ll have to experiment again on what works best.


This is just to share my milk reserve… the red canisters are the 60 ml specimen bottle. Not much but I think it would do for now…



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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 11, 2012 I’m starting to feel the itchiness in my throat that’s why I’m drowning myself with water. Although I saw in the net that it’s still safe for baby to breastfeed while I’m sick. I don’t want to go near him when I am. He might be sick as well. It’s a bit frustrating to get sick at this point in time since we are expecting him to be home on Friday. I don’t want to postpone being with him…

I suddenly missed having Edward inside me. All the kicking and the moving. I don’t know why though. I guess having him inside creates a bond between us.

Depression is starting. This morning, I’m starting to whine about how my life is not back to normal. I thought I would recover in two weeks time but I’m almost there but my recovery is only around 70%.. I hate being slowed down in my game. I want to fully recover in the shortest time possible.

It was a bit frustrating during feeding time because he was asleep. Which means that he won’t give us any attention. Well, short attention. It was so hard to wake him up. He ate so little during the first hour. And when we are about to go home, we had his diaper changed and he was fully awake and was looking for his food. Good thing we tried to feed him again. He ate for 30 minutes or so. The rest of the time, it was either he won’t eat or he’s crying.

I discovered today that he seems to love his father more. He likes it a lot when Kalvin is carrying him. I guess when I’m able to carry him better, he’ll love me more. Not necesaarily more than he loves his dad.

He gain weight from yesterday. I was waiting for that news after all we feed him for an hour and a half yesterday. However, he lost weight also. From 1.84 to 1.79 at least higher than yesterday’s 1.71. His dosage is increased to 40ML. I hope I can supply the milk till the end of a least 6 months. My friend started with formula since her milk is not enough.

Baby’s skin seemed to be molting. I guess it was a result of the photo therapy. His legs have more meat but he’s still skinny. Baby steps…

I was able to swaddle him for the first time. It didn’t looked very well. So I’ll say it was partially successful. Need more practice.

I realize that we are learning more parenting skills while baby is staying in the hospital. It was of the advantages aside from the assurance that baby is well taken care of. At least before we leave the hospital baby knows how to latch already and we picked up a skill or two to make him latch.

Live Twits:

1:43 AM Preparing for baby 1st batch of laundry http://twitpic.com/9v8t2g

2:27 PM Yay baby weighs 1.79 now from 1.71. I guess the one and a half hour feeding really helped

2:27 PM Valiant said he looks more like kalvin today I wonder in what way?

2:31 PM Off to see baby.

2:35 PM Bakit traffic wanna see baby

5:53 PM Baby looked like he has sunburn. He’s molting.

5:54 PM Feeding lasted for two hours because he was sleeping the first hour.

5:56 PM Baby only eats a lot when he’s awake. Tried to swaddle him. Need more practice though.

5:57 PM He’s growing more hair. His hairline is not that high anymore.

5:58 PM He clasps my finger again while feeding. Love him. Although he likes his father more.

6:04 PM Pity face http://instagr.am/p/LvHu2BC2L_/ 

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] June 10, 2012 Today I woke up thinking my body is really fugly now. I have skin rashes and my stretch marks are unbelievable. I might not be able to go back to my old self. But everything is worth it. Seeing my son makes up for everything I’ve lost.

I’m to spend longer time with my son alone today. Kalvin has to attend his cousin’s party. I am supposed to join but I might be too tired. Hence, I’ve decided to just stay in the hospital and spend more time with Edward. I hope he would eat a lot today as I am to stay for 2 feeding. It’s his chance to eat more than the 30 ml dosage he was prescribed.

I’m glad the feeding turned out okay even if Kalvin wasn’t there. When baby was sent to the room, he was already awake and was waiting for his food. How did I know? He kept on moving his mouth. But it wasn’t his feeding time yet. I was 30 minutes early so I can just cuddle him until his feeding time. When the right time came, he ate a lot. In fact, this is the first time he ate for one and a half hour straight. Although he’s not sucking the whole time. But the sucking lasted for 80% of the time. Until I can’t produce any milk anymore. I’m glad that he eats a lot now but I’m also wondering how come he was so hungry. He eats every hour. I guess the dosage is not enough already or he’s really starting to grow. Which is a very good sign.

While feeding him, there was once a time. when I thought he was already asleep. So I put him in his bed and then after a while he was awake again and started sucking on my finger. Then I have to feed him again. Super happy he’s eating now. I’m thanking the nipple protector as he can eat properly because of it.

Kalvin’s family came to visit Edward, he was sleeping at that time. But when we tried to feed him, we was awake again. Kalvin was with me this time. I was panicking this time as my milk supply seemed to be low. And whenever baby can’t drink anything, he would cry. So he cried quite a lot. I pity him when he cries. This time, he won’t stop even if we tap his back. Before he immediately stops once we do it. As the elders are saying, it’s better to make the baby cry so that his lungs would develop better. Thank goodness he can cry loudly now. It means he’s really getting stronger.

Baby is kicky today… I’m glad to notice that his cheeks are puffier and his legs is starting to have more meat. Still a long way to go but baby steps and we’ll get there.

We went to yap house after the hospital. We showed the pictures to papa. He seemed fascinated with Edward. I’m a bit worried though. My throat is really itchy. I don’t want to get sick. I can’t afford it.

I almost filled up he breast pump bottle during the evening pump. 140ml. Another record high. Although the last extraction was with Edward.

I was told that I lost weight. Yay. Again a long way to go but it’s a good start. During the official check up i’ve only lost 8 pounds, need to lose more.

Live Twits:

11:24 AM Cutie http://instagr.am/p/LtHnOkC2B3/ 

11:28 PM Finally washing baby’s clothes

11:31 PM Good thing I listened to mama even if they are newly bought. The clothes are super dirty..

11:38 PM Dirty baby clothes http://twitpic.com/9v7yds 

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Ainon Sterilizer

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] We got this as a gift from Kalvin’s cousin. Since we didn’t prepare well for baby’s arrival. This gift was like gold to us. We picked up the sterilizer on the same day we got home from the hospital. The same day we got the Pigeon breast pump as well. Everything was like blessing to us. We were panicking because we didn’t have much stuffs at home.

Anyway, this product is fairly easy to use. Just put water in the lowest compartment and press the button. Just like a rice cooker. What I don’t like with this product is the cleaning. First the white container for sterilizing. It’s hard to clean as dirt gets stuck in corners. And the base, depreciates a lot. I mean I’ve been using the product for over a month now, more than 8 times a day since I’m expressing milk. And here’s what it looks like now.  We are neat freak when it comes to baby’s stuffs. So this gets clean always.

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. Currently, we are just waiting for it to breakdown and we would be switching to Avent.

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