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August 31, 2012 I’m super proud of baby. Just yesterday I was saying he still can’t flip. Now he can, technically, need a little exercise though. I’m so happy I was able to video it. I’ll show baby all the things I have documented when he’s old enough.

Today there is super few poop and I was actually worried… But doc said it was okay. I guess Edward is not bothered also. Before if he can’t poop he would cry. Now, even if his stomach is hard… Nada!

Edward is naughty again he tear a tissue. Yay! He can tear things now. Haha

I was so frustrated with Makati Medical Center today, I was to get husband’s Philhealth. I was waiting for almost an hour just to get a freaking waiver. When I asked them what took so long, they said they have to encode it in their system. An hour to encode. Whoa… what are you using? The first computer ever created? I was so disappointed with their service this time.

I went to Rustan’s as well. I was so happy to see lots of baby products. I guess, I have to drag husband to go there and shop with me. 🙂 It would be nice to buy Edward’s stuff together. So happy to see my friends, it’s been a while. Too bad I had to cut our date short as I have to go home and pump. It was already painful when we separate ways. I was on a panic mode to go home… gladly, I was able to go home fast.


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August 30, 2012 Happy 3rd Month Edward. I can’t believe how time flies. Looking at his pictures, I’m super happy that he have grown pretty well. I hope this continues. Since it’s his monthsary… time to wear the Donald shirt I’ve bought for him.

During the morning shift, Edward was uncomfortable. I was happy to help him. How? I was rubbing his tummy and he smiled. I guess somehow I was able to relieved him and it makes me happy. Of course I don’t want to see him hurt or suffering.

Too bad I have to go to work early today because of a meeting. I was planning to spend more time with Edward since it’s his 3rd month. Oh well, I’ll come home early tonight.

I wasn’t able to go to work early because I was waiting for Edward to wake up and eat. He wore his Donald shirt but he puke before the pictorial.

The experiment on the nipple was successful. I guess I need to buy the next batch just in case. He was able to eat properly with number 2 nipple. Not playing with it anymore. I remember that the pigeon experience was the same. There came a time where he started playing with it that’s why we shift to avent.

I was talking with a fellow mom and she said Edward is a bit small. Hmm… All the while I thought he has catched up already. Gambatte baby.

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August 29, 2012 Husband must be really tired because he wasn’t able to change shift with me. It was ok because Edward was behaved during the night. I was able to sleep for three hour straight.

I can still remember yesterday when I got home, husband was referring to him as monster. He didn’t let Kalvin eat until 10 pm. Poor husband, he was super hungry.

When I called home today, Edward was hysterical. Made me want to go home immediately. Husband said I woke Edward up and he started shrieking. Poor baby.

I was surprised to see my husband and son waiting for me to come home. These are the times that I wish I am just at home with them. O well, I guess in the near future, we would be together everyday.

Story of the day, Edward was having a hard time eating, he keeps on playing with the avent nipple. So husband decided to feed him via cup instead. In the middle of the meal, he threw tantrums and swat at husband’s hand… end result, the cup flew and the milk spilled. He’s becoming naughtier by the day.

A new experiment, the avent nipples might be too slow for him, we decided to upgrade him. Hope the feeding would improve so that he’ll grow bigger.

I saw Mary’s nephew yesterday, aw… Edward is falling behind. He was really chubby. Let’s catch up Edward… eat a lot and grow big and strong.

I was super sleepy yesterday that I was struggling during the 12 AM feeding. Edward is becoming heavier. My hands hurt after carrying him for a while. But I like it when he’s snuggling, meaning rubbing his head on my shoulder when I carry him upright. I like it when he does that but I’m afraid my clothes might be dirty.

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August 28, 2012 Finally, I’ve successfully cut Edward’s nails while he was sleeping. It was a bit of a challenge because I’m really scared and don’t want to injure him. I guess the technique is to press his fingers to avoid cutting it before placing the nail cutter in his nails. Clap clap for me.

Suddenly I have an urge of opening an online shop to sell things that I would DIY. Like notecards, clipart and the like. I’m thinking it’s one of the earning schemes that I can do since I love doing DIY and layouting. Let’s see where this would go.

Edward is so cute while Kalvin is feeding him, he adjusted himself so that he could watch tv. From vertical to horizontal or vice versa I think. Sad… I missed it. Nevertheless no TV yet for Edward. He’s like his papa… who likes to watch TV a lot.

When I got home Kalvin was complaining how Edward wouldn’t sleep and because of that he can’t do anything. I was talking with Edward not to give Kalvin a hard time since he’s taking care of him alone. After feeding him, I noticed he wants the bottle as pacifier, I didn’t give it to him. I put him beside me and somehow, we both slept peacefully. I slept 3 hours straight not bad. I had to wake Edward up for his meal. I slept earlier than him though because I was super tired. Super bad mom!

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] August 26, 2012 I slept the whole morning. Grrr. There goes my day again. I hate it when I feel so tired and I just sleep the day through. Yesterday afternoon was the same, and now my Sunday is also like that. This is frustrating because I only have two days for me yet I sleep.

This morning, I let Edward play with the rattle. He was so happy and cute. I really wonder how come he’s a happy boy. I guess he didn’t get it from me as I’m always serious or grouchy. In fact I have an attitude problem.

I hate neglecting my motherhood and wife duties. I wasn’t able to prepare breakfast for us and I let baby overslept for an hour. This is really frustrating. How I wish I’m able to adjust soon. The change in work shift is also one of the cause why I’m like this.


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August 27, 2012 we noticed that edward smaller ear ia getter bigger now. Yay. Hopefully it would fully develop. So that he will remain to be cute.

I am on mumbai shift so that I can help husband with edward. And it works out fine. I didn’t request for car transfer today so that when I can go home already, I can. Husband told me he saw my placenta ans there was a big mass with pus. It freaked me out. Now im super scared to have a new baby. Not any time soon though. I’m still enjoying my time with edward.

I missed edward so much when I got home and suddenly I can carry him comfortably in other ways than my normal way of carrying him. Im super proud. I got to feed him as well. But I shared negativr vibes with him as I was telling husband how frustrated I was with work. Oh well need to do something about it.

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August 22,2012 Pink Milk! I was working the whole morning that I have no time to pump and when I did, there was blood in my milk. I panicked. It was the first time and my breast was super painful. That is the last time I swear that I’ll miss my pump schedule because of work. Not only was it painful but the thought of losing my milk is super scary. Since son is pure breastfeed, he’ll go hungry and DB can’t pay for that.

Because I was super stressed, shobby bought me ice cream. It helped since I can’t drink my caramel frap yet. When I got home, Edward was semi-asleep when I got home but I was super tired that I can’t take care of him. I only had 4 hours of sleep and I was working since 4 am. Die…

Kalvin uploaded a picture of Edward sitting. He was so cute! These are the moments that I miss because of work. Sometimes it makes me think if it’s really worth it to work…

During my evening pump, I was able to mingle with other moms. Happy to be sharing the same sentiments with them. We all are working hard to keep the milk supply. It’s a big savings I think. No need to buy powdered milk and sterilized water. They say breastfeed baby pooped more. But diaper is way cheaper than the milk and the water.

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