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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] It’s a public holiday today and what did I learn? There’s no breakfast in the apartment, no shuttle from UE, no free newspaper in the MRT and no access in the office building. Good thing I didn’t wake up super early or else I would have waited long outside the office. It was a blessing that someone was there to open the door. I tail-gated. I just showed him my ID. Turns out, we need to have the pass activated before we would be able to use it. You prox and type in the pin code before you can enter. This is to be done during holidays.

Since there was no breakfast, I bought a bread in 7-11. Strawberry cream bread. It was nice, I was surprised that there really was a cream inside the bread. Speaking of strawberries, I’m still contemplating if I would buy it from cold storage. It’s a bit expensive thought. Almost 10 SGD for a pack. 10x the price in Manila… hmm… I guess I’ll just let it pass. I’m truly a cheapo.

So today’s lunch, Joe, Colleen and I ate at Lau Pa Sat. I had a spicy chicken meal. Korean in nature but it wasn’t spicy at all. Oh my! I think my tolerance is getting stronger and stronger. Lunch was fun, Joe was talking about his experience in Manila. They were actually surprised that a lot of people are in Lau Pa Sat. Turns out it really is a tourist area. This is also the only establishment that’s open nearby. I really like the place. There are a lot of choices. A lot! That I end up getting dizzy on what food to choose. So far so good. The food I’ve bought are nice.

The training today was fun. Tri-optima is a scary process. Although the actual preparation seems easy. You just have to be super careful. You can’t afford mistakes as it’s the bank’s reputation that’s on the line. Fredy let me tried booking swaption again. I was a bit pressured because he was looking as I was booking but it turned out okay. Even though I practiced on my own yesterday, I still missed out some things. I guess, it’s good that he was supervising.

Since it’s a holiday, we all went off at 5 PM. I went to Somerset to visit the Somerset 313. Basically to look for F21, and Uniqlo. I had fun but I wasn’t able to buy anything again. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to buy anything from those stores anymore. It’s okay. I don’t need clothes anyway.

I gave in to temptation… I wasn’t able to resist buying the Little Twin Star Passport holder and Envelopes. Argh!!! I know it’s useless. But I really wasn’t able to fight the temptation. I also bought something useful today, Singapore bus book. I would use it for my trips in the coming days. I don’t want to walk all the way back from Clarke Quay anymore. So I’ll try to find some alternatives.

I had dinner in Somerset as well, I tried the Cha Shao Rice, haha it feels like I’m in Hongkong I keep on ordering that dish. Anyway, it was nice but still Hongkong tastes better. Maybe I should stop expecting it to taste better than HK’s.

So from Somerset, I walked all the way to Takashimaya to look at some books and magazines. I saw the Nippon no Arashi and I’m really tempted to buy. However it’s 23 SGD. Rrrr…. I have to think more and more. Another book that I’m tempted to buy is the new HZGG photobook. I don’t know why it only cost 8 SGD. Maybe I’ll get this one for sure. I got envelopes for Yumi and Neechan as well. It was too cute to pass. Haha guess I’ve really given in to temptation now.

From Takashimaya I went to Ion Orchard to buy sponge, since I’ll be eating ice cream in the apartment I would need to do the dishes. Guess I’m back to being a housewife without my husband. Super miss my husband ne. And I took a bus home. Tomorrow I’m planning to go to Bugis if I can get off early. I want to get my Hokkaido milktea at Q No Essential. It’s a must for this trip!

Before going home I dropped by Cold Storage again to buy a dishwashing liquid. This time around I wasn’t tempted to buy other stuffs. I just stick to the dishwashing liquid. Sunlight is actually a Unilever product. So much for brand loyalty huh? I’m sorry but Joy is super expensive. For 500 ML it costs around 8 SGD. This 1L Sunlight costs only 2.70 SGD. I’m not expecting super dirty dishes, hence I’ve opted to go with Sunlight.

I find my parents cute, haha they are so glued to the TV drama that they weren’t really paying attention to our chat. I miss them as well.

One thing I regret today… it’s Matsujun’s birthday and I only remembered at night. Booo. I always greet him in the morning.

I’m suddenly interested in the Game of Thrones after seeing the box set. I’ll try reading it after The Emperor’s Tomb. Another temptation is the Harry Potter boxset. The packaging is really nice but it cost 137 SGD. Have to think very very hard before buying. But 137 is actually cheaper. The box set in Manila is worth 7K.


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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] My fears about the bill turned into a nightmare. Sun Cellular charged us 3K for 3 days worth of phone calls… correction. 15 mins for 3 days phone call. So much for the 2 pesos per minute. Damn you Sun Cellular. Good thing Colleen introduced me to the Calling Card in Singapore. I bought 1 for $10 and I can use it for 48 minutes call to the Philippines. Not bad… It was perfectly working when the line became chappy. But when I called again it was good again. Beggars can’t be choosers… why didn’t I discover you earlier. Anyway, the 3K was worth it to hear my husband’s voice and to lessen my homesickness.

I grab an quick breakfast because I woke up late. I don’t know why but I had a slight headache this morning that I kept on snoozing my alarm for more than 5 times I think. I had strawberry strudel, croissant and milk. Our lunch today was special, we ate at Ding Tai Fung.

My dinner is back to the hermit days dinner. I had Mos Burger, I liked their cheeseburger and it was super cheap. 1.95 SGD for a burger. Well, expensive for Philippine standard but it Singapore it was pretty cheap. They gave me chili ketchup. It blended well with my burger. So if you want a cheap snack, you can try it out too.

I started eating my Ben & Jerry’s. Starting with the Strawberry Cheesecake. It was the best Strawberry cheesecake flavor that I’ve tried. The taste was perfect! Perfect I say. Now I know why it was so expensive. It was worth every money. I only ate a few but I really liked it. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll try a new flavor. Or else Kalvin and I won’t be able to finish it all. I ate today but I haven’t reduced the pint by 1/8 yet. Good luck to us. Maybe if we won’t be able to finish it all, Radine would have snacks when she comes here.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I woke up late again and because of that I missed my chance to go to the botanical garden. I think the two milk teas I drank yesterday was the root cause of it. I wasn’t able to sleep until 530 this morning. What was I doing? Watching my Chinese drama. I super miss HZGG. It’s part of my high school memories. I’m so glad that they remade the series. I can’t say I like it now, especially the character of Wu Ah Ge was a bit lame for Wu Ah Ge. Or I’m bias with Su You Peng. So after the marathon, I’ve decided to take a stroll along Robertson Quay.

I walked and walked until I don’t know where the heck I was. I wasn’t able to bring my whole map. My ipod needs internet access to show me the map and my map was only showing half of the city. So there I was, I walked until I’m super hungry and I saw a food junction in Great World City. I’ve decided to eat lunch first before figuring out where I am.

I’m starting to get sick of Chinese food so I’ve decided to try a Japanese restaurant instead. It was okay. Different from what I imagined to be as Chicken Teriyaki but nevertheless. It was enough to make me happy. I tried figuring out where I am after my lunch but I really wasn’t successful that I walked all the way back again. It was so far that a few more walks and I’ll be in Somerset already. I was super tired that I was tempted to get a slurpee but I changed my mind. Thinking that I’ll just eat ice cream when I get home. But before that, I’ve decided to drop by cold storage again to buy dish-washing liquid and sponge. In the end, I rekindled my Ben & Jerry’s craze. So here’s look at my freezer. It looks like I’m selling ice creams.

And the Madness Continues...

I lost connection in my mobile saying I have a problem with my credit limit. I’m pretty scared of how much my bill would pile up to. Right now, Kalvin and I are talking using Skype and Shobby’s cellphone. It was a bit ackward but nevertheless fun.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I planned to wake up late today and I really did. I didn’t expect to wake up at 1030 AM. All my plans down the drain and I started to plan on what to do today. Today became a shopping day. I was trying to look at the price of Frutips as requested by shobby and when I logged on to Cold Storage, I saw that the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is now on sale. Initially at $14.60 per pint now buy 2 for $19.90. And the sale is only until tomorrow. I panicked, I mean literally panicked. That I have decided to hit Cold Storage as soon as I can. And that’s around 1130 AM after I finished all my tasks. I immediately looked for it and it really was on sale. I had a hard time selecting the flavors, I was planning to buy only 2 but since I can’t really decide, I ended up buying 6 ice cream pints. Now that’s what you call panic buying. I’m also happy to see Frutips. Not sure what shobby wants. Need to talk with her soon.

Ben & Jerry's Galore

I tried taking the bus today and it was easy. Within the compound of UE Square, there’s the bus going to orchard road. 123 and 143. I immediately went to Takashimaya. I figured that Kalvin would want to go to Kinokuniya. Hence, I’ve decided to skip this place instead.

My thoughts while shopping? Well, Singapore really has a wide range of stores, from the branded stores in US, Europe to Asia. Any brand you want, you can see here I think. Literally, you can shop till you drop. These are the times where I wish I am rich so that I don’t have to worry about the price of the stuffs that I want. I saw a lot of those things today but I’ve decided to return it all since I might not be able to use it. It’s either that or it’s useless like my cute stuffs. I’m so proud of me. I was able to fight temptation to more than 7 occasions. Even if that was the case, my spending today exceeded my spending for the whole week. I guess, it’s a good thing I don’t spend much during weekdays so that I’ll have funds during weekend.

It’s a milktea day for me. I had two milkteas. I’m suddenly scarred that I’ll get tired of drinking it. Even if it’s my favorite. I failed in getting the Hokkaido milktea. Actually part of my plan for the didn’t push through because of my headache. I was planning to go to the Singapore National Museum because they have an event. But, I suddenly got a headache. I think from too much spending. Haha.

Coming to Singapore made me miss Taiwan more. Yes, I love Singapore, but everything here is so expensive. Before I was so happy to be drinking Slurpee for 1.8 SGD only to realize it’s only 17 Php. I can’t help but compare stuffs here and in Taiwan. The shoes, clothes, accessories, food. I certainly can buy more stuffs in Taiwan. Even for the accomodation it’s cheaper there. How I wish I can go back there soon.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Do you seen that sign? Yes… you are seeing it right. After mentioning it for quite some time. I’ve finally had MOS burger today. This was made possible by leaving the office earlier than usual. Special thanks to Colleen for showing the place to me. This is more convenient than the one Kenneth has shown even if it is nearer the office. For those who haven’t tried MOS burger yet, it’s not super duper good. It’s quite good for a burger. And the only chance that I get to eat it is in Taiwan. That’s why I’m super excited to eat it here. But it’s nothing special. Just to set expectations. 🙂

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki

I woke up late today again… my shoulder pain is killing me. It’s bothering me for quite some time now. I think it’s stress related or I’m getting old. That’s why I have decided to wake up late tomorrow and do whatever when I’m up.

Kimchi Chigae

I ate at a Korean restaurant for lunch and I got the Kimchi Chigae. It was okay… as compared to Dong Won, I think I like Dong Won better. The location was good though, it’s near the MRT station. It was a bit far from the office but it was worth it to go there. They setup the place really nice and it’s just beside Mos Burger.

Today the training in the office was fun. Joe let me verified a CLN trade, with proper supervision of course. It’s scary actually. I feel pressured whenever someone is looking. To add more pressure, Fredy said that since the FTE was removed from onshore, they won’t have time to supervise. Meaning, I’m expected to do the second level properly. Wow… super pressure. But I’m up to the challenge. I think the onshore training is really a good experience for me. I started to learn more about the products and the logic behind why I do such things in verification. It’s an eye opener actually and I hope I can share the knowledge back to the group.

There was an event in the office, the social networking for level 12. This is a monthly event where they have free food and drinks. And take note, for the drinks, they serve beer. The food was nice, they serve dimsums and egg tart. I was able to try the Cha Shao Pao and Egg Tart.

Cha Sha Pao

Egg Tart

Finally, I was able to visit Kinokuniya at Liang Court, it’s pretty big. I think Kalvin would enjoy this place because of the comics. According to Joe, the audio house in Liang Court sells cheap electronics. Might as well check out the place.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Today is the start of depression. I don’t know why but I woke up this morning at 530 and just decided to sleep some more. So I’m finally up at 6. As observed, the breakfast is similar to the other day food. So, it’s the every other day pattern. Although I had the chocolate thing, it tasted so much better the first time though.

So for today, I finally took the UE bus to City Hall station. My walking was cut down by half! Yatta! But I still need to find a way to cut the long walk within the MRT. Husband has decided to go back to Laguna today, the initial plan of buying simcard failed because they needed passport to process that. So tomorrow, I’ll be prepared and buy a prepaid sim card so I can talk with husband more.

Colleen was super sweet, she bought me a bread for breakfast. Super nice I was touched.

There was something creepy in the office today, while we were training, I saw a big headed balloon. Turns out, someone’s getting married in the office and it’s like a send off gift. It’s a balloon groom. Super weird and scary like a mascot. Too bad I was shy to take a picture of the whole balloon.


I had lunch with Joe and Kenneth at the pantry.

So we finally tried their normal way of eating where they would take out and eat in the office. @Pam, I miss you ne. Just like the good ole times. Anyway, I ate the Hongkong style Honey Pork Rice or something to that effect and I was disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much. Like it would taste like the food in Hongkong. But the food was okay.

I stayed in the office until 9-ish because I’m doing the scanning. Good thing, Yumi send us a personality test for us to get to know the group better. I was doing that while scanning. A good way to kill time.  Turns out I am 100% introvert. I mean, that translates to I hate to socialize or I’m a hermit. Might be true, I like staying at home. But at least I try to stay in touch with my family and friends. So, I object! I’m not weird. It was even funny, I was categorized as Examiner, Protector. Whatever that means loh.

I still can’t get my MOS burger hopefully this weekend. I bought food from Liang Court again. This time it’s a Mee Siam, the serving is too big. I was trying to finish it but I really can’t. I was tempted to buy ice cream but it seems to be super expensive. Ben and Jerry ranges from 5.2 SGD for a small one and around 14.95 SGD for the pint. It’s a bit expensive, I’ll just wait for Kalvin and we’ll eat together to minimize the cost. Haha. I’m super cheapo.

I’m super happy that I was able to buy the milk tea. I saw this promo in one of the 7-11 stores where 2 bottles of milk tea would only cost 2.5 SGD. When I went to the grocery it costs around 1.65 or 1.95 each. So there’s a few savings. I was looking forward for the milk tea since I came here. Until now I haven’t gotten my Hokkaido Milk Tea yet.

Tonight is the first night I tried watching TV, I finally understood how to make it work. I have a lot of channels but some of it are still for subscription. I was watching TV was eating dinner in the counter. I feel like a foreigner because that’s a big no-no for me… TV in front of the food. But I had no choice, my food is a bit messy that I can’t eat in the room. I ended up watching the Little Mermaid, Glee and MTV Karaoke. It turned out fun until I missed my laptop and the internet. So, I came back and blogged instead.

I started downloading today but of course not my normal load of download. I just want to have a backup plan just in case I become too homesick. I’m starting to feel it now. How I wish husband comes over soon. I visited The Central today looking for something to eat, but I ended up leaving the mall shortly. It’s different when you’re alone. It’s sad…

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Finally! I was able to try Lau Pa Sat. Although the place was a bit hot to eat lunch, I had fun. In fact, I became dizzy with the food choices. There was a lot. A lot! I think all kinds of food is available there. I tried out Hainanese Chicken Rice but I got the roasted version. It’s better than the white chicken one.

Banana for Breakfast!

So, today’s breakfast is similar to Monday’s breakfast loh, so I guess, they change the menu every other day. Have to check it tomorrow then. I ate fruits today, the banana. It was weird. Very different from Manila’s banana even if it’s from Dole. Weird lah, it’s a lakatan but the sweetness is lacking a bit and the texture is like a latundan. It’s like a hybrid banana haha! But it looks the same loh.

I got lost again going to the office, I was trying to look for the bus stop so that I’ll get off directly at the office but I can’t find it. I ended up taking the MRT again. I should really change the pattern, it’s a bit tiring to go to the office. So as the operator confirmed, the shuttle to City Hall station is 740 AM, I might as well take that. Let’s see what happens tomorrow then.

I had lunch with Yoko and Kenneth, although Yoko needs to go back asap, I’m glad that we were able to eat together. I was surprised to see Tapa King at Lau Pa Sat. It’s international now hehe. Another Filipino restaurant is the Katipunan. So I guess when I start missing my country, I’ll start eating Filipino food. Since it was a bit hot during lunch. Kenneth and I have decided to get a cold drink from Mr. Teh Tarik, compared to the traditional milk tea, this has more tea flavor. At the same time, the taste is stronger than the powdered Teh Tarik.

Roasted Hainanese Chicken Rice

Training today was fun. It was confusing… yes! Very! But at the same time, it was fun because I get to understand the rational behind each of the products. Hopefully, I’ll be able to teach it properly to my team. I’m starting to miss people, I’m happy when my teammates message me.

We had a birthday celebration at the office today. The gathering is a bit the same as in Manila’s but their cakes are really cute. Not really cakes but cupcakes. I tried the strawberry cheesecake. It was okay I think.


I miss my friends, family and husband. I try to keep in touch with everyone but it’s a bit hard. I think I’ll start to get homesick anytime soon. And until now, I haven’t eaten the MOS Burger yet. Booo! I think tomorrow again lah.

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