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I had this sign for years… But I didn’t imagine my Edward would bite me this way. I’m kinda regretting putting up the sign. Haha.



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To commemorate Edward’s first trip to Mall of Asia. We’ve decided to buy him toys.

The turtle, we’ve decided to call him Baby Mikey… named after his first turtle stuffed toy Mikey… He hold on to this for a long time. He even cried when we took it away from him. He won’t let go even if we told him that we would pay for it.

The Mickey Mouse is a variation of a toy capsule. Inside is an egg with a chocolate, inside the egg is a toy. For this, they have 10 variants. 9 out of 10 is good. Let’s see if we have the same luck as a real toy capsule.



One memorable event in the mall, when I suddenly stopped to talk with Kalvin. Edward said “hmmm” and was pointing to something. Turns out he discovered a Mickey Mouse shirt. It was cute but didn’t buy for him. Another cute item is the 3 Little Pigs Shirt. It’s still expensive, I’ll wait for a sale and get it for him.

Realization: I guess Edward really likes Mickey Mouse, he makes it a point to let us know he sees him.

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I’m happy to share my first DIY project completed for Edward’s birthday… Thank You Notes, these would be tied to the loot bags. Now that it’s complete. I can start repacking the loot bags. #Excited




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Day 1 – May 18 : bought Edward’s necklace, finalized puppet stories, packed for pictorial, prepared invitations to be sent out on Monday, print out contracts for the party, followed up with suppliers on the pending items.

Day 2 – May 19 : pictorial! I’ll get the photos a week from now. Hope they turn out ok. Bonding with the siblings. Spiral dinner.

Day 3 – May 20 : bought tray for the krispy kreme. Bought Edward toys and slept the rest of the day. Hopefully tomorrow would be more productive

Day 4 – May 21: finished Thank You card, setup stroller, played with Edward. Did chores, cooked dinner, financial planning for Edward, invite through facebook

Day 5 – May 22 : celebrated our anniversary, uploaded pictures of wedding album, bought Edward’s walker, sort major n minor prizes, discuss with host the flow of the program, got confirmation from roppets, talk with obb kids, received update from fotosnaps (finally, after 10 thousand years…), i’ve sorted out the pabitin prizes, cleaned the centerpiece

Day 6 – May 23 : centerpiece washi tape piece done, sorted lootbag goodies, previewed pictorial, visited yap house, program finalized

Day 7 – May 24 : most unproductive day… Played with Edward and slept the day away. Photobooth template finalized. Prepared formula for tomorrow’s party.

Day 8 – May 25 : attended Unni’s party, gave invitations to jo. Tried giving Edward formula but he refuses to drink. Repacked 23 out of 50 loot bags.

Day 9 – May 26 : repacked the rest of the loot bags. Job well done… Next DIY project in line. Ried to make Edward drink 2 types of formula. Failed!

Day 10 – May 27 : finished the centerpiece and cutout the punched designs, Edward drank 2 formula bottles. Failed check up, SNR, bought goodies for the buffet.

Day 11 – May 28 : check up for Edward, ordered cake for the birthday, formalized catering, photobooth, ordered ice cream for the party.

Day 12 – May 29 : bought additional candies for the candy buffet. Bought formula for Edward. Ordered Krispy Kreme, formalize catering, formalize ice cream.

Day 13 – May 30 : celebrated Edward’s birthday. DiY backdrop and centerpiece, inquired on the lechon

Day 14 – May 31 : printed candy labels, started on the design, created Guestlist tracker

Day 15 – June 1 : repacked candies ,designed containers, ordered lechon, printed contracts, prepared payments, packed things to bring, prepared Edward’s clothes.

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Nan Two HW


Yesterday when I opened the freezer to discover than my milk supply is almost depleted, 4 bags left… I worried and at the same time was sad. Seems I won’t reach my 1 year goal. Three weeks left, and it’s almost my MTA. There’s still a chance… And I’ll push hard to reach it. Anyway, the doctor recommended Nan Three HA but it was already obsolete. The replacement is HW but we can’t find it. So we are settling for Nan Two. It’s for 6-12 months. I think it’s a bit expensive. I bought a small can 400 g at Php 482. Luckily, I persevered for a year. The savings… Even if I add the three pumps we’ve bought. It’s still cheaper. I don’t know how long would the 400 g last but mineral water cost would spike as well. Oh well, no more needless spending. Amazon, Etsy, Old Navy, Sears, Babies R Us, Macy, Aliexpress, DhGate, SNR… Get away from me. Oh there’s SM as well.

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My son has the same fate as me when it comes to toy capsule luck. To commemorate his first mall (actual mall), we have decided to buy him something. On the way to Toys R Us RP branch, the line of toy capsules welcomed us. I immediately saw the Phineas and Ferb machine. Thinking 4 out of 5 is good… It’s a pretty good chance. We bought the 2 tokens at 60 Php each and tried our luck. We believed Edward would be lucky, we even had him twist the machine. But… He’s really my son… 4 out of 5 and we got the 1 that I don’t like. It’s Samurai X toy capsule all over again…

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