While strolling through Lucky Chinatown Mall, Kalvin literally stopped on his tracks when he saw this… 

The shirt is selling at Php 999, if you buy a second shirt, you can get it at P799. Third shirt would be at Php 999 but you get a free umbrella. They said for every set, you can get the second one at Php 799. 

Shirt is available for Kids, Women and Men. Women’s shirt has lesser design though. Men’s shirt even have glow in the dark. 

Here are some of the available design… 

Even the paper bag is cool. Really collectible. 

And the umbrella is pretty big and cool. 

Here’s our Voltes V Shirt. Go get yours now! 

Photo credits to Katsu and Kalvin

Cars Shirt

When your son is a Cars fan, and Cars 3 is showing… The whole wardrobe changes… 

Because we missed the roadshow in SM San Lazaro, we have ensured not to miss the lifesize Lightning Mcqueen in SM North Edsa. 
The event is located in the Block Atrium. 2nd floor, just below Toy Kingdom, one of Edward’s favorite store. 

We were happy with our haul, especially withTodd. Which we got free if you purchase 2K worth of merchandise. 

Lego Brick Amazing Sale

I so wanted to go to the Brick Amazing Sale in SM Megatrade Hall 1 on Feb 2-5 but I wasn’t able to. I was frantically searching for pictures in the net to see what I have missed out.

Luckily, my sister in law went there and got pictures for me. So, it was like I was there as well. She said the place was huge! And the selection is really good. The Scooby-Doo sets were selling out fast. She wanted to get the Mystery Machine but it was already sold out when she arrived. However, there are some other goods she was able to get.

What sounded really nice were the Seasonal Lego Set like the Easter Egg Painting, Valentine and Thanksgiving. They are being sold for around 300 Php. (Photo Credits: Google)

So, here’s what you can see in the sale… have fun! (Photo Credits: Katsu Sy)image-0-02-06-e819f489d9c0b1f3566834062dc0f5edd16f5f626f881c091f63936f602382de-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-c42ca92b9a425072a75414f459713bb655a8f5ef292f4e243e8684fc831adc3e-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-2d284ae4fd9a10d05450dd465f72ac40ffe6f0a1f760962edfd3e5da4a9db302-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-0176bccb40c738aa30a839daab4f4a70c64a9f490eb9d0ff91a416c3bb861d4c-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-9b02c11988a5c603692049d1f4a660bc6c78150445c352038d8452af43176a52-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-1c525aa655b26825bb4982a24b7df323237f3fb0afa4a0f7fe473d782e1cbc2a-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-d7954d3d33f7af20024ec1939a461662c274e87a3d8f34e8f4c64fb25654f160-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-00c3497e3a0163289a35a1f727175ce19f46e2a6baa4c78317156be127e7332a-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-73ca47da73bf68c75a9cfe30fa2d58e70aa1515ae7981af14232637917528d6a-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-1618aa54f90cc3786b9887bfb37e7b486e2b151282dad8e411b728e038b7bc38-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-6848c922d092fa67a96de30c72aa1058e6b0b25945611dbd3000c74f9c7d963c-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-ab5ea4ea67bad86515407215ea9c212b53524c9fd8b1176f75e1a641b68bd479-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-e5a1240dd20fee6ea415ec469d6743fd6063bc844700b1f11999bd71e5acd83d-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-97fb9dee0a4e197b5d73061d1e058b900ea9137a1e545f3bf74090f12096563f-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-7fb16be651fda4ddfe6adb5448bc08a8afcd916063c4861692b4b941b8acb647-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-6f55b64ee5473475c9735f7df56ddbdc64c17cce1e0c6cbc8e1292230ed605a7-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-644d6ad5911de7c4033c3a66c78bc843b815627924b7eec7c0503d0664daf8a4-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-6bf1ef3c1338519f07e888951748c0e0b995bb7f206aa8a7d12537457c674f3b-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-b80a3080e59dcf09207d09810b053ad7b425f0ac4e88c5bfc33134f7bc7caab5-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-f852491de95a4b02877c8757747e9de1516bd362a4720daaae2f0ec740ce5eeb-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-a92354db338b9ba93605ff1eff6d7e874e060fce750feb6df5cad84a4cf15cda-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-c1dbef284fec62bb279a4f095e144292a49fbea4beb4ce0e47119e9735b7a3a7-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-607d4121110e47a76bc394d44e76b862424bafc11559edb1b3138ac47bdcc57a-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-980ef8af73bbc563d034190843a3870b0d31dfba779135da2b71c452c8830e6b-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-1c31e1455d635cd6ffa0a32fe6f282c5621da5dcf0d9004216c43b1c3adf9399-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-9247ea63b7b2494f7f674e9e70359daa026c18a48c5500f96ad433783bcba191-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-c78ecc17e4bd5145eed5c43346a26d4bdd97ae73b95a58649615338fc7b24360-v.jpgimage-0-02-06-916b39b9a05ca4cf71701f831e21df31bc6413ca704d67f474052ece04ca86ab-v.jpg

Disney Store Newbies

Hello Folks! Happy 2017! As for my new year’s resolution. I’ll try to stay away from toys and online shopping as much as possible. Haha. However, I’ve stumbled upon Disney Store and saw the new products for 2017. Now, I’m regretting to have such new year’s resolution.

Here are some of the things that captured my attention.

Musical Tsum Tsum – I love Tsum Tsum, the game and the plush, and they have came up with Musical Ones. And started off with Ariel. This is for $14.95.

Animators’ Collection -Belle Micro Playset – This toy costs $19.95 and the detail is fantastic. I love to have my own set.  The set is also available for Frozen and Tinkerbell.


Animators’ Disney Doll Collection – 15 Dolls for $119.95. I think I am drawn to Animators’ Collection Series Merchandise. The attention to detail is really good. I can’t help but be fascinated.


Animators’ Collection Deluxe Figure – This set costs $24.95 and I love Ariel in this. This one, I want to convert into Christmas Ornaments.

Hold on… they have actually released an Ornament version of the figure for $59.95.

Tea Time – Plates for $14.95 and Cups for $7.95

Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Set – available in various designs for $19.95

That’s it for now folks… if it has gotten your attention… go check out DisneyStore

Credits: Disney Store

We got this toy for Christmas and I’m glad that we did.  Because it’s so much fun to play with.  

The set comes with Muck,  a can and a pack of sand.  Muck has tons of patterns you can use.  And since it’s sand,  it’s easy to get the sand pattern out. Just mold and flip it.  The final product is also impressive.  Quite detailed actually. 

I like how the sand don’t have smell. It doesn’t make me puke.  And the texture is just right.  Not sticky to hands.  But it’s sticky to the rest of the sand making the clean up easy. 

The set was enjoyable to Edward and me. We played for more than an hour upon opening. Although,  Edward has a different way of playing.  He likes to cover the diecasts with sand and pretend that it’s a ghost.  Quite imaginative.  Haha. 

There are also other variants,  Scoop and Roley.  We would get Roley next time.  

Christmas Tags – Cars 2

Hello Folks, Christmas is just around the corner. When I asked Edward what design should I put in his gift tags, he said Cars 2. So, I tried to layout some gift tags for him. (Disclaimer: I’m sorry I wouldn’t be able to give proper credit to the clipart I’ve used. I used Google and lost track of the ones I used… I’m sorry… but I’m really thankful for the clips)

Sharing my final layout…