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Fruit Salad ala Mama

Hi Folks… Advance Merry Christmas! For this day, we’ve decided a culminating activity… Inspired by Cambridge when they did a fruit salad. I’ve decided to share our family recipe for fruit salad.

It’s super simple… Anyone can do it.

Ingredients :
Fruit Cocktail
All Purposed Cream
Condensed Milk (Half Can)


As you can see in the picture… different brands, you can use whatever brand you like.

1. Drain the fruit cocktail


2. Mix the cream, all purpose cream and condensed milk.


3. Stir until the texture is smooth. Oops sorry. Forgot to picture.

4. Pour the fruit cocktail in a container and coat it with the cream mixture.


There you have it. A simple recipe for you to enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Egg Nog

After thorough research, there’s no ready to drink eggnog in the Philippines. I’m very much tempted to ship from Amazon but it would cost at least 30 USD, that’s why I have decided to try doing it myself first. The problem, I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. So, I’ll just trust the judgement of the people on the net. Since I want Edward to taste it as well, I’ll be using the cooked version also.

I’ll be using the recipe from Baking Bites. On a side note, I just found out that markets sell sugar as well. All the while, I thought it’s only sold at groceries. Husband laughed at me. Meanie! Haha.


The ingredients are easy, I’m skipping the brandy and the nutmeg. Because Edward is drinking and I don’t know what a nutmeg is. I saw in google but I don’t know where to buy. The vanilla extract is hard to find as well. I’ve been to various groceries and I think I was successful in Shopper’s Mart or Metro at Lucky Chinatown.

Here are my ingredients and tools.


First break the eggs, pour sugar and beat/whisk it. It was tough for me as I was using a fork. And four eggs is a bit heavy to beat.


Add in the vanilla extract and milk, almost 1 liter of milk. And beat again.


Transfer to a pan and heat the mixture. Continuously stirring. Mine seems to be slightly burned but still seems okay.


The verdict? It seems a bit sweet. Yes… Even for me. Then I guess, next time, I’ll use the whole milk carton to reduce the sweetness. But I still don’t know if it tastes like the real eggnog.


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Easiest Mac and Cheese

I’m not sure if I have the right to share recipes since I don’t cook that well, and I rarely cook. But nevertheless, I am sharing our homemade mac n cheese. It’s a bit of a cheat because you don’t do much. It’s like you are cooking Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Anyway, here goes.

Prep time: Less than 5 minutes, depends on how fast you cut your cheese. For husband and me half of the Quickmelt and half of the pasta.

Ingredients: Macaroni, Magnolia Quick Melt, Pepper, Butter, Salt and Water


Cooking Time: 11 minutes, or normal cooking of pasta. Boil water with salt and macaroni for 11 minutes. Drain macaroni.

Put in a scoop of butter and mix in the cheese and macaroni. Put pepper as much as you want and mix well. Very very well. There you have it, the easiest mac and cheese. We had this before when I was a kid. This brings memories…

My recipe blog is a bit messy, I’ll devise a format next time. In the meantime, enjoy your mac and cheese. Ours is a bit messy. Haha!


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