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Surprise! Surprise!

It’s been awhile since I’ve received flowers. That’s why I was super happy when husband bought me flowers.

When he entered the house, I was carrying Edward. He was saying “Yi Ping, may flowers…” Next thing we knew Edward pulled a rose and some leaves out of the arrangement. And was trying to eat it. We nicknamed him “The Destroyer” because whenever he is near the flowers, he rips a bit off it…


Edward ah, you are super cute. Mama loves you.


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Rolling Off the Bed

My worst fear took place on a quiet Saturday night. November 24, 2012 marks the day where Edward rolled off the bed and hit the floor. How? I don’t exactly know… WHY? Because I fell asleep. Having said that I feel like I’m the worst mom in the world. I spend little time with him already and in that time, he still fell.

Rewind a little bit, I was surfing when I heard Edward cried. I went to him, carried him, tried to feed him and in the end we watched TV. Since he doesn’t like to sleep yet . I got “the ugly duckling” and read to him. We were both on our tummy. Next thing I knew, I heard Edward crying. He’s on the floor . How long was I out? I don’t know as well. But my world seemed to crashed when I saw him and my heart ached when he cried.

Guilt filled me but mostly I was worried if he was okay. I can’t calm him. Good thing his papa was there and was not in a panic mode like me. Edward calmed down after Kalvin carried him and whenever I go near him, he kicks me away. I get it… He was angry.

Next day, Edward is under observation. I was constantly checking if he has fever. Whenever he spits out milk, I panic. But it could also be a sign of overeating. He seemed jolly though. He’s still under observation. But I swear I’ll take care of him better… Edward, I’m sorry! I hope the crib fairy take good care of you.

The redness in his forehead didn’t turn into a bruise. Thank goodness!

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Husband and I went to S&R for our routine grocery. And I am super happy with the result of this trip. I was actually looking for Aveeno products but the baby bath and shampoo is not on sale. And then no baby¬†eczema¬†products as well. But… Cetaphil cleanser and lotion have 200 Php off each. That’s 400 Php savings… I’m super happy. Thank you S&R. So the 20 Oz bottles cost around 500+.


I just realized that the Cetaphil lotion I bought in Mercury Drug Store was super expensive because it cost 733 PHP. Let’s say there’s no sale in S&R, the 729.95 PHP is still bigger in size. Way bigger. So goodbye Mercury. Hello S&R.


I was actually surprised that there’s not much people in the Fort branch given that it was Friday. Other stuffs worth considering are the Buy 1 Take 1 Colgate for 179 Php. Buy 1 Take 1 Garnier Shampoo for 699.

If you have a BDO credit card, you can buy the Haagen Dazs ice cream. It has 30% off.

Store Hours: 9AM to 9PM, Sale ongoing for all S&R branches

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Fruitful Vacation

My 2 day weekend was productive. I was able to setup Edward’s high chair, watch Rock of Ages, spend time with my dad, go on a date with Kalvin, and finally i’ve converted a micro sim to a nano sim for Kalvin’s phone.

I was super nervous cutting the sim card. When we were to test it. My heart was beating fast as the signal goes from searching to no network available. When I thought I failed, the signal turned to Sun. We were so happy. I saw Kalvin’s smile and it made me happy. I guess he was as nervous as me. Thanks to the nano sim template.

Edward rolled off the bed. We were having an afternoon nap and then I heard a short ahhh. I immediately woke up and look for him as we were sleeping together. He was already in the cushion in the floor. Good thing he wasn’t hurt. This is the 2nd warning. The first one was when he rolled over and Kalvin was able to catch him. I guess it’s a sign to stengthen the fortress more.

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