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The Sound of Music Musical

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] “The hills are alive… with the sound of music…” They’re here! In Resorts World Manila from October 15 until December 11 . I was lucky enough to watch the opening night, thanks to my shobby. The only drawback is I watched it alone since we can’t get tickets for husband. That being said, he watch Real Steel instead.

While waiting for the show to start, they showed teasers of what to expect in the play. The rehearsal, the cast and a bit of the interview, building up the crowd’s interest in the play. I was a bit impressed with the cast, their voices sound really good.

The opening was spectacular. The combination of the LED screen and the voices was amazing. The stage was awesome as well. However, they weren’t able to sustain the greatness throughout the show. Towards the end of the 3 hours, it was a bit boring and dragging. Although the talent of the casts is still remarkable.

The Sound of Music is memorable to me, I remember watching it with my dad. That’s why I can’t help but compare the play with the movie. I think that some of the “must” scenes were removed from the musical. This includes the Captain singing Edelweiss in the garden. The only time this song was sang was towards the end of the play. Do-Re-Mi was a bit over-sang. They sang it for more than 3 times I think.

Another observation is the inclusion of minor parts, I mean they let Max and Elsa sing 3 songs, I have no complains on their talents, they are really good. It’s just that, because of these minor parts, the love story of Captain Von Trapp and Maria was a bit rushed. And these minor parts also caused the play to be super long.

The kissing scenes were also a bit excessive. I mean, it’s supposed to be based on a classic movie. Do people kiss that much during that time?

After the negative reviews, here’s what I like about the play. The opening number is super good. The voices of the nuns are really angelic. It feels like you’re in heaven with angels singing.

I also like the dance of Captain Von Trapp and Maria, it was super romantic. It feels like they were the only people left in the world when they were dancing. The passion they have for each other is super infectious. I suddenly miss my husband.

The youngest daughter, Gretl is super cute. She’s talented at an early age. I like the musical sequence of the Von Trapp kids, it was super fun. Like you were transferred back in time.

The voices of the cast are really good, it’s heartwarming. And you just want to listen to them. Right after the play, I want to listen to the songs all over again that I keep on singing the songs in my head and aloud.

I’m glad I watched this play, it’s been a long time since I watched a play. The venue was also great, Resorts World Theater is so cool, they are a bit strict on food and drinks. These are not allowed in the theater. The washroom as outside the theater, in the lounge. So I suggest you use it first before going inside. They start the play on time. At 8 PM, there were still some people coming in, but the curtains are raised and the nuns started singing. The drawback of this? A lot of people are still walking while the play is starting. If they should be strict on the time, they should close the door at a certain point so that no one will come in anymore. Interrupting the play.

If I was to choose which I like better? It would still be the movie. Going to this play is a good experience. I would like to watch a play again.


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