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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I’ve been in the fandom for quite some time now, through the years, I’ve followed Alec Su, F4, 5566, Rain, Lee Hom, Wu Chun, Bae Yong Jun. But nothing compares to the addiction I have with Arashi now. Back then, I remembered trying to listen to Arashi songs, but I think it was Pikanchi that I heard of initially. Since it’s rock-type I didn’t like it at all.

Year 2007 while in Taiwan with Pitet, I accidentally watched a scene in Hana Yori Dango, where Doumyouji was waiting for Makino at Ebisu Garden Place and Makino didn’t come on time. Being a fan of Meteor Garden, I was interested in knowing what would happen in the series. So when we can back home, I tried to look for a copy and Gen lent me her copy. Instantly I was Jun-baited. I fell in love with Doumyouji Tsukasa, and then my fandom begins.

I tried listening to their songs. Back then the latest album was Time, but I liked Arashic better because of Wish. I tried watching the concerts but I got bored watching the others solo so I can’t watch the concert at one go. Until I’ve watched the first Arashi concert in Taipei Arena. I loved Carnival Night Part 2. That’s when I started downloading the concerts. I liked the first Tokyo Dome concert back then because of Carnival Night also. TV shows, I think only Arashi No Shukadaikun was available because I was able to watch the first episode of VS Arashi and Himitsu No Arashi. I remembered watching youtube videos of Arashi with Pam, mainly Aiba baka scenes.

I followed the fandom from then on, with the 24 hours TV special, watching their TV series, SP, release of singles, album, concert DVD. In three years time, they are now one of the best idols in Japan. I’m very very proud of them. Before, I was so happy to see posters of them uploaded in the net. Now, according to my sisters who went to Tokyo, they are almost everywhere. I also experienced this in the magazine store in Taiwan, almost all of the covers are Arashi. That it’s so hard to select which should I buy if I don’t want to go bankrupt.

What hooked me to Arashi is their versatility. They are first an idol, they sing, dance, act and host. They have their own radio shows. Sho-chan is a newscaster and Aiba-chan even if he’s the baka-type, host gymnastics competitions. They are now the tourism ambassador for Japan. They faces are shown in the domestic flights of JAL.

From 1999, I read about how Arashi struggled. Their popularity dropped when Kat-tun was formed. But I was glad and thankful for Hana Yori Dango. I super love Matsujun for what he did for Arashi. He agreed to play the Doumyouji part IF Arashi would sing the theme song. Although he’s not the leader of the group, he pulled everyone up with him when Hana Yori Dango was a hit. Member love is the best. They think of Arashi always, when they introduce themselves, it’s always “Hi I’m Arashi’s Matsujun” for example. In the 10 years that they have been together, they haven’t fought yet.

They are a group of very different people but they jive. Their relationship is true that’s why it’s fun to watch them. They make fun of each other and their friendship reflect on-screen. They do their best always, not afraid of how they would look like on screen, they just have fun. I especially love them eating on their shows. It shows their true nature. They are still simple boys. Through the years, even when they are super popular now, they are still humble. They don’t boast of the achievement they have now and continues to do their best for the fans.

Concert DVDs are super duper fun. They do a lot of fan-service and they perform for 3 hours normally. The MCs are funny. Random,  light-hearted and natural. It’s fun listening to what they are talking about. Concert details, I can’t be more proud of Matsujun who plans and executes for the concert, from the setlist to the costume and the nitty-gritty details. Even if he’s the youngest, he does his best.

Their sounds now are getting better and better, from the bubble-gum pop at the start, they have R&B, ballad, rock, pop. It’s fun listening to their different kinds of music and I’m glad that they are improving more and more. I listen to their songs everyday, it’s weird when I don’t hear their song for a day.

I also love the fans who are so up to date with everything happening with Arashi, to the subbing team, without them I won’t be able to truly appreciate the works of Arashi. It’s been years and until now, the fans support are not yet dying. I’ll always be thankful to share my love of Arashi with everyone.

Year by year, Arashi doesn’t fail to surprise me. They keep on doing something new each year. And I love them dearly.


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Since I don’t plan to do this in 30 days. I’m renaming the 30 days challenge to Arashi Challenge

day 01 – Favorite Arashi song – Love So Sweet
day 02 – A rumor about any of the members that left you an impression – Drug usage of Ohno
day 03 – An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off – None haha sorry I don’t fancy Ohno much.
day 04 – Favorite Nino cover (like the one he sings on Baystorm) – Rakuen
day 05 – Favorite AnS Momen – Matsujun making cute face on ANS 136
day 06 – Favorite Member Engrish – Aiba-chan’s Pineappuru
day 07 – Quote from a Non-Single Song (Album and B-side only) – Nothing in particular
day 08 – A Sho picture you can’t take your eyes off – None sorry again, I have my eyes on Matsujun only
day 09 – Favorite Arashi PV – Everything
day 10 – Whatever tickles your fancy – Matsujun KFC commercial
day 11 – An Arashi/Member moment that makes you laugh your ass off – Matsujun proposing to Aiba-chan in ANS
day 12 – Member/s wearing the Wackiest outfit you’ve ever seen Time concert opening with the feathers
day 13 – Favorite VS Arashi Moment – Matsujun bullying Banana Man
day 14 – A dream you had with Arashi/member, in great detail – Watching concert and have a backstage pass.
day 15 – Favorite Arashi Quote (except from songs) – “De Aite Yokatta” – Nino
day 16 – A Nino picture you can’t take your eyes off – None
day 17 – The first Arashi-related drama you thought of the moment you read this – Hana Yori Dango
day 18 – Fave OTP or Member-Ai moment – Aiba-chan and Nino’s letter in 24 Hours
day 19 – A MatsuJun pic you can’t take your eyes off – Anan cover
day 20 – Whatever tickles your fancy – Nino kissed Matsujun after he lent his microphone to him
day 21 – A picture of your Arashi Stuff – I have a few only, Boku No Miteiru, 5×10 Album, Concert Pamphlet for 5×10 and Boku No Miteiru, Bandaide, Mini Uchiwa of Jun and magazines.
day 22 – Favorite HnA Moment – Hana Yori Dango special when Matsujun was saying sorry to Mao-chan.
day 23 – Chibi Arashi picture – I don’t keep Chibi pictures
day 24 – An Aiba picture you can’t take your eyes off – hmmm. Nothing in particular
day 25 – Favorite Arashi Solo – Matsujun Come Back to Me
day 26 – Favorite Concert DVD – Time Concert
day 27 – Favorite Live Performance – Love so Sweet, forgot the date, Matsujun in sleeveless
day 28 – A Fanwork (made by you or others) – Fanfic only
day 29 – Favorite Group photo – Everything photoshoot
day 30 – Whatever tickles your fancy – Matsujun saying “Ah Cho Ma” kawaii

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Cemetery Visit

[tweetmeme source =”ibethyap”] It’s been years since I went to visit Angkong and Ama in the actual cemetery. Most often than not my mom will go with her friend. But this year I’ve decided to accompany her. It was hard to commute there. Almost 1 hour with 3 changes of mode of transportation and it was super hot. I’m now having seconds thoughts of visiting with Kalvin on November 1. I might faint. It was so hot and I was so scared to get tanned that I was carrying an umbrella the whole time with a plastic bag of stuff. It was super hard.

While we were there the wind was strong that it was hard to keep the candles burning. In fact, 2 candles collapsed, mama and I panicked to make the candle stand again. There, I burned myself saving the candle.

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Panda – My Beloved Cat

[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] I’m getting mixed emotions writing this blog. I’m very much worried about my cat. I haven’t seen him for two days now. Mama is thinking that Panda may be dead. She saw a cat squished in the street and it was black and white. Huhuhu. Hope it’s not my Panda.

My friends would probably know Panda as I’ve talked about him a lot of times and I take pictures of him a lot. He’s my favorite cat after Ming Ming.

I currently have 7 cats, but above all, Panda stood out. He’s the one shobe and I love the most. In fact, when we have food to give to them. Shobe ensures that only Panda eats. I love Panda because he’s so sweet. When I come home, he escorts me from the gate to the house and vice versa. He likes following me around or climbing my legs or sniffling me. He’s also an actor, he keeps on rolling or playing dead when we are looking at him. He’s too adorable.

One time, I had to trick him out of the house otherwise he won’t go out. He was trying to fit his head in the gate after I tricked him. Super duper cute.

He’s less than 1 year old but he’s really fat. In fact, he’s having a hard time running. He’s the only cat that’s not afraid of me touching them.

I really miss him, how I wish I can see him tomorrow. So that my worry would be gone.

Update: Panda’s back! Not sure how and when but he is. I played with him this morning before going to work and even feed him. He must have missed me as he keeps on nudging his head on my pants. Love him!

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”] Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always love Grade 4 pad papers. I remember hoarding back then because it was always out of stock. In my elementary years, I use the pad to write novels or things that matters to me. So I guess even back then, I was a destined blogger.

Today, out of nowhere, Pam and I have decided to hit National Bookstore and buy some stuffs. Turns out, I’ve added a grade 4 pad and a mechanical pencil in the stuffs. I don’t know why I bought it but I wasn’t able to resist the temptation. I didn’t go through a lot of brainstorming after all it’s not that expensive. Am I subconsciously thinking of going back to school? I was even tempted to buy the magic pencil for 6 pesos. I was so surprised with the price. Seems it’s cheaper than Mongol pencils.

Back then Yasaka was the famous brand, known for the smoothness of the paper. It was also the most expensive one I think. Today, just to relish memories, I bought an Advance Grade 4 pad.

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[tweetmeme source=”ibethyap”]I got this phone as a surprise from Kalvin. He went with his instinct to buy this phone since it was all pink. I fell in love with the phone and named it “Pinkie”. Kalvin is so frustrated with the name saying I didn’t put any effort into naming it.

Wifi – This phone is already wifi enabled but it’s hard to navigate using the wifi. You should first locate the Wifi and after connecting, you have to reconfigure the browser so that you would be able to surf. It’s bothersome because both Ipod touch and Archos 5 can automatically detect the connection.

Touchscreen – The touchscreen looks a normal keypad but bigger buttons. Yet it’s still hard to tap on the correct keys especially when you have stubby fingers. Good thing, the phone comes in with a stylus for better tapping of keys.

Fun feature – One feature I like is you can create a dummy phone call with sounds in the calling end. I’m not sure why such features exist but it’s funny.

Camera wise, comparing to my Sony Ericsson phones, the 2MP camera is really poor. Picture quality is already distorted even at the cellphone screen. Can’t imagine what it would look like in the computer or actual pixels.

Memory is a bit low, so if you decide to make this phone more useful you have to upgrade it.

Audio is great. Even polytonic tones sound good. Speaker phone is also good.

Since I’m only using it for my mobile tweets, I don’t have high requirements for this phone. Basic features would do. Matched with my sun prepaid. It works fine. I guess this phone is okay, given the choice, I’ll go for Sony Ericsson, I sorta have a bias towards Sony products. So far, it haven’t failed me yet. Too bad Kalvin saw this phone first. If not, I’ll have a pink Sony Ericsson. Nevertheless, I love my new phone.

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[tweetmeme source:”ibethyap”]This book was suggested by a staff in Fully Booked, Mall of Asia branch. Upon reading the summary, I find the plot intriguing. But I didn’t had the chance to read this book until now.

At first it was scary to read this book at night especially when it’s talking about nightmares. The “forbidden game” is like a Jumanji game except, it directly attacks the person by using each’s person’s worst fear to scare them. What’s also scarier is whatever happens in the game would be real. So when someone gets hurts or die, it would be reflected in the real world also.

I’ve never been a fan of unfaithfulness. Most often than not, I hate plots where the protagonist would switch love interest in the middle of the story. But this one is making me root for Julian. I don’t know why but I’m attracted to him. I find him interesting and funny.

I liked this book a lot that I missed the train stop at Gil Puyat. It was like I was in twilight zone. I didn’t know what happened as I was so engrossed with reading what would happen in the story.

Julian is evil, he’s manipulative, attractive  funny. I’m turning psychopathic to be attracted to him. Imagine, he’s tricking Jenny into doing things she wouldn’t do when she’s alert. I loved him specially during the time he was worrying about Jenny. He’s such a sweet guy.

I didn’t like the ending. It’s the best ending possible for the series but not my typical sad ending. I was heartbroken with the ending. But if you would think really hard about it, then it just proves that love is really great.

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