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We got this toy for Christmas and I’m glad that we did.  Because it’s so much fun to play with.  

The set comes with Muck,  a can and a pack of sand.  Muck has tons of patterns you can use.  And since it’s sand,  it’s easy to get the sand pattern out. Just mold and flip it.  The final product is also impressive.  Quite detailed actually. 

I like how the sand don’t have smell. It doesn’t make me puke.  And the texture is just right.  Not sticky to hands.  But it’s sticky to the rest of the sand making the clean up easy. 

The set was enjoyable to Edward and me. We played for more than an hour upon opening. Although,  Edward has a different way of playing.  He likes to cover the diecasts with sand and pretend that it’s a ghost.  Quite imaginative.  Haha. 

There are also other variants,  Scoop and Roley.  We would get Roley next time.  


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Hello Folks, Christmas is just around the corner. When I asked Edward what design should I put in his gift tags, he said Cars 2. So, I tried to layout some gift tags for him. (Disclaimer: I’m sorry I wouldn’t be able to give proper credit to the clipart I’ve used. I used Google and lost track of the ones I used… I’m sorry… but I’m really thankful for the clips)

Sharing my final layout…


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