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There are new cute items in Kitty world, although nothing new for Bingo. As usual the better looking items cost more…









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Today is the first day of my driving lessons. Over the next few weeks, my weekend would be blocked off by it. So, a little insight on what happened today.

I arrived at SM at 7:50 AM, for my 8 AM lesson, I saw an A1 car there, I thought it was the car I was supposed to drive but I was wrong. So, I waited for the car until 8:15 AM. My instructor was late on the first day. And he was not apologetic. Not a good start but I focused my energy into learning instead.

I didn’t get to check what I was supposed to check, the BLOWFATCH. I adjusted my seat, mirrors. Locked the door, seatbelt and I was on the go. First drills, driving back and fourth at the entrance of the mall. After I got the hang of it, we circled the mall a couple of times before we hit the road. I was so nervous, every time, there would be someone crossing the road, I get scared and instinctually step on the brakes. Which is wrong because I don’t even look if there are cars behind me.

I took note of the things I need to improve on…
1. Lessen the grip on the steering wheel.
2. Try to look more on the side mirros and rear view mirror.
3. Don’t panic whenever someone is crossing.
4. Lessen the pressure on the break and gas.
5. Try to reduce speed… I get bored running the car slow but whenever I would push on the gas, the instructor would ask me to slow down. It was 20…. I want more speed. Probably next time.

Some of my accomplishments:
I was able to go to basement parking and parked the car. Of course the instructor guided me. I was so nervous. But overall, it was so much fun. I thought 2 hours is too long but it’s not enough.

Although the voice of the instructor was calm, I can sense his frustrations haha. I’ll do better tomorrow. Because his voice was calm as well. It was super boring. Haha

Our route… From SM San Lazaro, we went to Espana, then Quiapo, Jones Bridge, Reina Regente, Abad Santos, Blumentritt and back to San Lazaro. not bad huh? Tomorrow, I plan to better control the car…

That’s the end of my driving lessons. For my book haul…










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Husband became extra sweet this year and I was super guilty as I didn’t prepare anything at all. A month ago, he asked me if I can go on leave on Valentine’s day since Katsu has volunteered to baby sit. I was so excited and booked my leave. The plan… go to the Travel Expo, eat at a Korean Restaurant and go back home after lunch.

My Valentine’s present came in early as husband gave it the night before. He enrolled me at A1 and gave me a handmade note. I was shocked with the enrollment, I’m not yet emotionally prepared to study driving. But the letter was so sweet… It made me want to open it but… Kalvin said to wait until tomorrow… Sigh!



Come Valentine’s day, we weren’t able to leave the house at the time we planned. And it was almost lunch when we reached MOA. The line outside the travel expo was unbelievable. A snake line covering the whole entrance as well as the side entrances. Thinking it would take at least an hour to get in, we have decided to hit the mall first.

Fully booked seems to be closing… All books are sold at 50% discount and majority of the books are already in boxes. Too bad they have restricted the book browsing to some section, specifically the Disney books but nevermind, i had a great find! Felt book, I have been searching everywhere for this kind of book.


Next stop, book sale… I have to admit, the recent visits to the stores are a bit disappointing, didn’t find anything nice really. I settled with these…


Next stop… Toys department before we check if SMX line is better. I was planning to buy a car for Edward and I was able to select one. What really made me happy was the Alphabet robots, I played with this when I was growing up. It’s really nostalgic seeing those and to make my son play the same. Without second thought we bought it immediately.


We tried to look for sleep shirts for Edward as well. Yesterday, while I was trying to make him wear his onesies, he cried and was pointing to his car shirt. He even remove the onesie and kept on insisting on wearing the car shirt. Since he only has one, I came looking for some shirts.


While searching, we saw boy’s briefs. I can’t believe we started to buy it already. My son is getting older. Huhuhu… And as you can see, one of the briefs is not in the picture anymore. We try to see if it fits him and he doesn’t want to take it off anymore. So grown up…


After all the shopping, we checked SMX again and yay! We were able to get in… My goal is to get Europe brochures and I didn’t fail. i have lots this year to start planning a London holiday.


I got a lot of maps, brochures and travel packages from different booths for planning purpose as well… Despite the brochure being heavy… It was totally worth it. And to top it all, I’ve bought a gift certificate from Taal Vista. We’re planning to celebrate either our anniversary or my birthday there. I got the premier lake view room for 4,999 instead of 9,100. Pretty good bargain I think. I’m afraid to check the rates in Agoda though. Hahaha.

That pretty summarizes our whole Valentine’s Day. Even if we weren’t able to eat at the Korean restaurant and things didn’t go according to plan. I was so happy to spend the day with my husband and happy with the letter as well. In fact, I cried seeing the note. It was super duper sweet.

Happy Valentine’s Day folks… I hope you guys enjoyed yours as I did mine.

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It’s been a while since I went to SM Manila. I went today for a chore which I was able to complete successfully. But for shopping… Booksale was pretty depressing. I wasn’t able to buy anything… in fact the items I bought in Harrison Plaza for 30 pesos was selling there for 90. Luckily, there are some good stuff from National Bookstore, making my trip worthwhile.

The book below is similar to the childhood book of Kalvin. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to buy even if there was no sale. Edward was excited to open it amd browse through it.






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