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Hello Folks! Happy 2017! As for my new year’s resolution. I’ll try to stay away from toys and online shopping as much as possible. Haha. However, I’ve stumbled upon Disney Store and saw the new products for 2017. Now, I’m regretting to have such new year’s resolution.

Here are some of the things that captured my attention.

Musical Tsum Tsum – I love Tsum Tsum, the game and the plush, and they have came up with Musical Ones. And started off with Ariel. This is for $14.95.

Animators’ Collection -Belle Micro Playset – This toy costs $19.95 and the detail is fantastic. I love to have my own set.  The set is also available for Frozen and Tinkerbell.


Animators’ Disney Doll Collection – 15 Dolls for $119.95. I think I am drawn to Animators’ Collection Series Merchandise. The attention to detail is really good. I can’t help but be fascinated.


Animators’ Collection Deluxe Figure – This set costs $24.95 and I love Ariel in this. This one, I want to convert into Christmas Ornaments.

Hold on… they have actually released an Ornament version of the figure for $59.95.

Tea Time – Plates for $14.95 and Cups for $7.95

Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Set – available in various designs for $19.95

That’s it for now folks… if it has gotten your attention… go check out DisneyStore

Credits: Disney Store

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So… as I was up a bit early… I’ve decided to browse through social media and I saw a preview of My Ear’s Candy with Jang Keun Suk. One thing lead to another and I’m done with the first episode, JKS part only.

My Ear’s Candy is a reality show where he was given a phone to talk to an anonymous person. The personality of the person was what he requested for to be his friend/confidant. And he can talk to her until the battery of the cellphone dies. So they chat, talk or do video calls.

Honestly, the JKS I saw there was very different from what I perceived of him. He seems to be really outgoing and I thought he would have tons of friends. But in Episode 1, he does seem lonely. He lives alone in his house and has a pet cat named Kiki.

My heart aches seeing him cook his own meal in very small portion as he needs to maintain his weight. I guess those are the sacrifices of stars. And sometimes, we don’t see how much they give for our entertainment.

I liked how he gets jittery or how he gets embarrassed. It’s very natural like we can see a glimpse of his life. I also liked seeing how he lives in real life. Somehow, this show gave a way for us to see what he is interested in. Like his home theater system, collection or his car.

I am so looking forward to seeing the next episode. It’s like getting to know him more… the real him…

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Yesterday after buying school shoes, we dropped by ToysRUs to browse toys. Edward initially picked up a Lego Bulldozer set, we asked him to return it as it was expensive. He then selected a Tow Truck set. We asked him to choose between a Car Transporter and Tow Truck. He chose the latter because of the Minifigure.

Since he didn’t take a nap, we asked him to open the set tomorrow when Mr. Sun is up. He was teary eyed but agreed. I told him he could sleep with the toy and he did.

The next morning, as soon as he was up, he looked for me and was pointing to the sun. I said, “Oh, Mr. Sun is up, what does that mean?” He said, Lego, open Lego. And he was all smiles again.

Yup, a Lego fanatic here.




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Hello! We’re about to leave for Hong Kong. So, I’ve decided to make it a little bit more interesting for Edward to know what we would do there. I build my own set of Flashcards.

Of course, I’m not that good in designing or drawing, hence I’ve used tons of Google Images on these. I hope Edward would enjoy this…

Now is probably the best time as he’s addicted to Flashcards. 

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In a toy store, Edward already selected a toy he likes. It was Red from Disney Cars, and while looking at other toys, a bigger kid suddenly appeared and was trying to pull the toy away from him. He didn’t let go.

I said “Excuse Me” to the kid and his guardian came back to say sorry. But Edward was shaken. He asked me to carry him from then forward. And he became very quiet. I tried to explain to him that sometimes situation like that happens. But I was there to do something about it. And if I’m not around, he should tell others. He said he was scared and in the verge of crying.

I felt really bad because I wasn’t able to protect him properly. After coming home, I wished I handled the situation differently. It’s really frustrating. Sometimes the right words wouldn’t come out at the right time.

So parents, be vigilant. Situation like this can happen anytime anywhere.

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I fought the urge to buy this set. I fought really hard. It costs 799.75 Php in Toy Kingdom. And there was an expansion kit for 499.75. Sorry no pic for that. I was so happy as I was able to resist temptation.

Now… At home while I research more about it… I’ve realized Re-ment made these again. Ohno! They are taunting me…






If you pictures got you convinced, you may go to Fan21HK to make your purchase. Credits to the same website for the photos.

As for me, I’m still convincing myself I don’t need those. And it’s super duper hard.

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It’s almost a month now and so far I’m still adjusting. I’ve been in the corporate world for 11 years. And honestly, the transition to SAHM is not that smooth.

My daily routine would include sending Edward to school, blog as I wait or run errands when I get bored. After coming home, I feed Edward, make him sleep, chores or prepare his activities when he wakes up from napping. Probably 2-3 hours free time. When he wakes up, do activities, play with him, feed him dinner, play, get ready to sleep. And my day is over.

There are times when I question my decision, especially when I can’t think of anything worthwhile to do. But at the end of day, I’m plain tired to do anything. And that becomes another reason to be down. There are also times when I feel pressured of not having a stable source of income. I saved up enough but sometimes I think what would I do after I’ve used it all up. I guess that’s when I need to get moving on earning again through other means.

Recently, my son and husband got sick, I feel the pressure of not having a health card. A lot is running on my mind, honestly… I’m finding it hard to focus especially since I don’t have hard deadlines. With these troublesome doubts, I can’t enjoy it fully.

The first month at least is not what I expected it to be. Of course, I was able to do some things that I like to do. But there’s still a gazillion things that I want to do. I just can’t find the time and energy to do so. Ironically, these are the same sentiments I have when I was still at work. But at least now, some of the plans are getting done. Not all, some… I guess that would be the case until I am fully adjusted.

It’s hard and I’m trying to cope everday. The only time I’m assured of my decision is when my son would hug me. And when he does, all the doubts disappear.

Hopefully, in the coming days, my update would be more inspiring. To the fully adjusted SAHM, I wish I’m in your shoes now.

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