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Our company is super cool, in line with the Book Lending Activity (club), they were able to get National Bookstore to sell in our office. All books are at 20% discount, they brought in bargain books as well. I was able to find some at 70% off. I heard that in October, they would have warehouse sale in QC. At the same time, Pre-christmas sale is expected to be in October. So, I’m all geared for another round of bargain hunting.

They would be in our office for three days. On the first day, I went 3 times, different books are put on display. Some are sold out easily. I was only able to purchase on my third visit. What’s cool is we can request for books and they’ll try to find in from their branch. I have requested Phineas and Ferb, hope they would get me.


My colleague is super nice to buy Edward a book.


I came back with a vengeance because I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday. I was super happy with my purchase. Bargain! Majority of the goodies range from 20 and 30 Php. The only expensive book I bought was the Cars which I got for Edward. He liked it, he was asking me to open it for him. We browse through the book several times. So it was a success! And I got it for 20% discount.


























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We are preparing early for Christmas this year. We have started to buy gifts and Christmas decors. initially, I was planning to sew my own stockings but I saw cute designs in National Bookstore. Aside from that, we got our tree! 3 FT tall, perfect for our coffee table. I can’t wait for the holidays to come.






I’ve started to collect Christmas storybooks as well for the days before Christmas. 6 down… 19 to go.








This is a bonus find, I was so happy with this book. 15 Php.


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We had a short detour after getting the student’s permit. Kalvin saw this place being featured on TV. The place is rather small but it has lots of Christmas decorations, including hanging Santa Claus, Christmas Trees and a surprise find is Lemax villages. You can complete the whole place in a hour or so.

The stockings are a bit pricy, ranging from 180 to 200. For the Lemax villages, a lot of the stores are selling it. I suggest you to canvas first, it ranges from 400-600. Not much of the Christmas trees, but they offer arranged trees for at least 1,500.

I bought a few decorations and Christmas gifts. The place is a fun place for short trips. And with Christmas just around the corner, I suggest you to  visit this place as well.

It’s located along Dapitan street, towards the QC area Dapitan that is.


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We celebrated Papa’s birthday with KFC Bucket Meal. 2 Bucket Meals. We took advantage of the 2 senior cards that we had. Since the delivery was more than 30 minutes, we asked for the delivery charged to be waived and they agreed. In fact the delivery was late for almost 2 hours. Anyway, the Keychain made us get this instead of the regular meal. It’s super cute.

The bucket meal contains 4 fixins, 4 drinks, 4 rice, 6 or 8 piece chicken and the four keychains. I think if you order the 6 pieces chicken, you only get 3 keychains.




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I wasn’t able to resist the temptation. I stepped in Mercury Drug Store to buy Kalvin’s medicine. This cute thing welcomed me. I walked passed by it but not after 5 steps, I returned to get it. Haha! I’m weak. This cute thingy cost me 292.50 PHP. The good thing is it’s a candy. So, it’s not a complete waste of money. The downside? The candy cost me a lot. Haha. Btw, it’s a bit morbid to get the candy out, you have to twist the head of Hello Kitty.


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CAT Toy Truck

Edward has a fascination for Toy Trucks. I was asking him which of the trucks he likes for Christmas. He already has the Dump Truck. So, I loaded Google images and was asking him… Which one does he likes. This one or this one, encircled in green.


Guess what he chose…

O well, need to save more money then!

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I was super excited about the book fair. After all, I missed the event last year. My goal was to buy bargain children’s books. Take note, bargain! I want to rampage through shelves to look for a good deal. I think I did fine. But I’m a bit disappointed as I wasn’t able to get a lot of children’s book. Majority of my purchase was travel books. Impulse buying instincts kicked in to guide me.

First store I’ve purchased in is Goodwill, where I got 6 travel books, this is the first time I see Hongkong travel book at a discounted price. I immediately picked up the remaining books on sale. 100 pesos each. What a bargain!


Next stop Ilaw ng Tahanan. I was seeing a few more Tagalog books but they were a bit expensive. I bought this book from them at 50 Php.


We stopped by Adarna House, I got husband a shirt for 250 Php. It was super cute. A katipunero cat. A bought a few bargain books as well at 35 each. Since I’m a super fan of Itlog na Bilog, I bought the whole selection as they don’t sell it individually anymore. It’s nostalgic. I love it since I was a kid. The have a promotion that they would provide freebies if you comment on their picture in Facebook But the marketing team wasn’t there when I purchased, hence I didn’t get the freebie. Booo. The only freebies I got are stickers.




At National Bookstore, I really splurged. I used my credit card. As I was saving my cash for other stores that don’t have credit card machines. Here, another set of travel books enticed me. Priced at 75 and 100. I got the New Moon comics, a Dan Ariely book, and William and Kate Book. I was able to buy the Chinese book here. I was expecting more shops to sell Chinese books but I was disappointed. For the freebies, I got tons of bags.






After National Bookstore, the only store I was able to purchase in was Anvil. The store offers 80% off and it was crazy in there, you have to literally search through stuff to get bargains.


There goes my book fair experience. Initially, I was planning to go back on Saturday but I change my mind. Seems I was able to go through everything I want. One observation, there are lots of Religious books. In fact majority of the authors who has book signing are related to religious books. I was expecting more discounts from Filipino books but there’s not much. A lot of books for children’s education as well but it’s super expensive. There was a booth who offers box all you can for 500 Php but the selection of books is limited. National Bookstore offers 20% off the books.

Before going home, we passed by Booksale and I got two more books. The Personality Paper is widely sold in National, I was able to get it for 55 Php. Super happy!


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