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DIY Magnet

Success! After contemplating on how to do my story magnet. My first try was a success…

Printables – different sources, easiest is via Pinterest
Magnetic Sheets – 28 Php @Fengreco, bulk discount, I got mine for 26 Php. Only one side is magnetic, so ensure to place the double-sided tape in the other side
Foam Sheet – 75 Php for 10 sheets @The Teacher’s Warehouse
Double Sided-Tape

With this a success, I can make Edward’s story telling sessions more interesting.



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Pompom Monster

I made Edward his first Pompom monster. Materials all source from The Teacher’s Warehouse.


Pompoms – 80 Php for 100 pcs
Wiggly Eyes – 35 Php for 100 pcs
Foam Sheet – 75 Php for 10 sheets assorted color
Double sided tape




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With Edward’s birthday celebration coming up. I’m a bit pressured on the nitty-gritty. While browsing in Pinterest, I saw this design for birthday wishes. It’s cute and simple. I’ve added on the dragon for the personal touch. After all, Edward is a dragon baby…

Initially, I was planning to DIY the printing. But upon canvassing, it only costs 90 Php for 4×6 size 100 leaves. I’ve opted to outsource this and save on my printer ink for other mini projects.

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Hand Injury


I sprained my hand while doing a CTRL +C at work. Now, it looks like I’ve committed suicide. Nope, I don’t have guts to do that. Looking forward for a fast recovery so that I can carry Edward again.

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September 5, 2012 I was hit with fever and I was so scared that it could be dengue. In fact in the middle of the night, I placed Edward back in his crib because I was scared to give him fever.

Luckily towards the end of the day I was well. In fact I was so happy when husband brought Edward to my room. He looked different. I might be exagerating but he did. I’m just glad that I was able to spend time with him. Since he has no milk reserve left (as I was asleep) I had no choice but to breastfeed him.

We gave him a bath as well. Happy to spend quality time with husband and baby. I gave him mommy massage. Need to think of something so that he can take a bath more often.

Husband was trying to redeem himself in the nail clipping. But failed again! He clipped Edward’s hand. He said the baby quietly cried. Opening his mouth super big. I guess it was super painful. Aw baby…

During the night shift, when I was supposed to change diaper, I was thinking it was a bit wasteful because there’s not much pee or poop but decided to change it anyway. In the middle, while I was preparing the zinc ozide he peed on me. Okay… That was not enough, as soon as I changed the diaper he pooped. I had to change it again. Baby!!! Grrr….

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September 4, 2012 I was so frustrated this morning. I don’t know what Edward wants. He keeps on crying. But after changing his diaper and breastfeeding him, he fell asleep. So I still don’t know what was wrong.

Today I have an early morning meeting. It’s a bit irritating because I have requested my morning to be free for training. I was relieved of operations but I have meetings instead. Phoeey.

It’s a tiring day and I feel that my milk production is affected. Oh well, I just have to keep on pumping to increase my supply. After a long day at work, I am looking forward to seeing my son.

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September 2, 2012 Today Edward started listening to the Elmo’s songs. Also the Taiwanese CD. I was hesitant to make him listen to that because I want him to learn Mandarin instead. He wasn’t paying much attention to it.

He also has a new toy courtesy of my in laws. I guess stop on the toys now. He has a lot already.

Milk production this weekend is a bit disappointing. I guess it’s because i’m getting lazy to pump. I hate all the hassles related to it. If it’s not for my son, I won’t do it anymore.

It’s getting harder and harder to make him sleep now. I guess he wants to play. i’m happy that end of day I still get to sleep beside him.

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