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Hello folks! I was browsing Happy Places toys when I discovered they have released Disney Princess version. I think it’s a must buy!!! It’s super cute!

First off, we have Disney Happy Places Happy Townhouse Playset.

Disney Princess Happy Places Sweet Dreams Theme Pack – Cinderella
Disney Princess Happy Places Dining Theme Pack – Belle
Disney Princess Happy Places Waffle Kitchen Theme Pack – Minnie Mouse
Disney Princess Happy Places Cupcake Kitchen Theme Pack – Minnie Mouse
Disney Princess Happy Places Vanity Theme Pack – Cinderella

And after you complete these play sets, you might want to consider adding some more furniture through the blind bags.

Yup, I’m saving up for these toys. Currently, ToysRUs is pricing the Townhouse at $19.99, same size Townhouse in Happy Places costs around Php1,499. The theme packs are priced at $16.99, add-on theme packs in Happy Places cost Php999. And the blind bags for Happy Places would be around Php 149. Please note that the prices are estimates, I’ll update the price once they are here in the Philippines. In the meantime, start saving up….

Photo Credits to ToysRUs and Moose Toys


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Hello Folks! Happy 2017! As for my new year’s resolution. I’ll try to stay away from toys and online shopping as much as possible. Haha. However, I’ve stumbled upon Disney Store and saw the new products for 2017. Now, I’m regretting to have such new year’s resolution.

Here are some of the things that captured my attention.

Musical Tsum Tsum – I love Tsum Tsum, the game and the plush, and they have came up with Musical Ones. And started off with Ariel. This is for $14.95.

Animators’ Collection -Belle Micro Playset – This toy costs $19.95 and the detail is fantastic. I love to have my own set.  The set is also available for Frozen and Tinkerbell.


Animators’ Disney Doll Collection – 15 Dolls for $119.95. I think I am drawn to Animators’ Collection Series Merchandise. The attention to detail is really good. I can’t help but be fascinated.


Animators’ Collection Deluxe Figure – This set costs $24.95 and I love Ariel in this. This one, I want to convert into Christmas Ornaments.

Hold on… they have actually released an Ornament version of the figure for $59.95.

Tea Time – Plates for $14.95 and Cups for $7.95

Animators’ Collection Mini Doll Set – available in various designs for $19.95

That’s it for now folks… if it has gotten your attention… go check out DisneyStore

Credits: Disney Store

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Complimentary Birthday Card and Birthday Towel for Celebrants

For Edward’s 3rd birthday we have decided to celebrate it in Hongkong Disneyland. He likes Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen. And while he still likes Mickey Mouse, it’s the best gift for him… experience.

We stayed in Hongkong Disneyland Hotel and had breakfast in the Enchanted Garden, for a chance to see Mickey Mouse and the gang while eating.




Edward Doing the Mickey Mouse Pose

I tried to wait for a promo before booking for the trip, but in the end, we availed of the 15% discount in the hotel. When I informed them it was my son’s birthday, they offered a birthday cake starting at HK$300 for 1 pound subject to 10% service charge. We got the Chocolate Truffle Cake in Mickey Shape. It can be delivered during lunch/dinner in the restaurant or via room service. We got the room service option.


Room Service Presentation


Birthday Cake


Paper Bag




Party Hat



Cake Flavor:
American Cheese Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Fresh Fruit Cream Cake
Mango Mousse Cake

Cake Shape:
Mickey Shape (Mickey Style or Minnie Style)

There is also a Duffy & Shellie May Birthday Celebration Package in Enchanted Garden during lunch and dinner for HK$400 for 1 pound (for 6 guests and also subject to 10% service charge)

Cake Flavor:
Duffy – Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake
ShellieMay – Fresh Fruit Cream Cake

The cake comes with a set of Party Favor, including a Gift Bag, cone-shape Party Hat, Balloon, Cutlery, Birthday Pin, Birthday card & Stickers.



Also, it is free to write guest’s name on the small white chocolate disc (9cm X 3cm)
– English wordings (Block letter or Small letter) up to 30 letters; or
– Chinese wordings up to 8 words

Birthday celebrants can also visit city hall in Main Street to get a birthday pin, just present photo identification. But, it was also provided in the Hotel Lobby, receptionist. They also have stickers. Edward was able to get some stickers because other kids just ran to the reception and asked for it. Edward was lucky to be nearby, he got some as well.

Birthday Pin

Birthday Pin

And for the ticket to Disneyland, we opted to get the Show Your Disney Side package, the price of the ticket is the same as the 1-day ticket, but we get a free personalized keychain and 1 meal per person. It was worth it. For more details, please check it here.


Now the question is… is it hard to bring a preschooler abroad? Definitely! Since he was not familiar with the place, he opted that we carry him. But it was definitely worth it. Especially seeing Edward enjoy his special day. All the body ache was truly worth it.

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Hi Folks! Since Edward is a big fan of Disney Cars, I’ve layout a memory game for him. Instead of buying a set for 199 in Toy Kingdom, I chose his favorite characters and printed out our own set. We’ve pasted on a cereal box and we are ready to go!

Cars1 Cars2

You can customize your own by using the file below. I got the pictures from Takara Tomy

Cars Memory Game

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